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ATI X1xxx series driver and NVIDIA 8.xxx series driver! FINALLY!


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Ok i guess i just want to help those in need of a ATi X1300 Driver for X1300pro and X1300!


Driver: http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/iATi.html


Thanks Diabolik for the awsome drivers!


Download driver X1xxx (xxx for the model eg. 1300..)/MOBILITY installer.


Step 1: Install it!

Step 2: Go to disk utility.

Step 3: Do Repair Permissions at the bottom of the Disk Utlity screen.

Step 4: Shut down your computer! (Shut Down not restart!)


Step 6: Start your computer, boot up, wait untill it loads to desktop.

Step 7: Go to Display option in System Prefrences and change res. and refresh rate!


THERE YOU GO! HOPE YOUR HAPPY! You should have no tearing/artifacts!


If anyone wants to help me, Help me find driver for Turtle Beach Sound Card driver for osx86! Thanks yall! :thumbsdown_anim:

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Great stuff! Installed this on my Acer Aspire 5672 WLMI with a mobility X1600, works great with an external monitor (LG 20.1 inch) on the analog VGA port but get a blackscreen on the internal LCD(with and without the external monitor attached).

Seems like the driver doesn't detect my internal LCD properly.

I've tryed several things like booting with -v GraphicsMode"1024x768x32" , -v GraphicsMode"1280x800x32" booth with different refreshrates but still no go.

Can someone help me out on this one :rolleyes:?

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been to that site before, the nvidia 8 driver was pulled because it doesnt work....therefore there is no download and the links no longer active, edit your title its false advertiesment lol

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