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  1. 11c55 lion available (17 Sept: 11c57 ! )

    I'm running a mbp late 2008 with lion 10.7.1 build 11b26 on it. The beta won't let me install as it tells me my boot drive doesn't meet the requirements. As far as I can read in dev.apple.com, the build needs either 10.7.2 prior to this release (using revisioner) or 10.7.1 GM ... which build should also be 11b26 as the version I have installed. Can somebody point me in the right direction please? EDIT: SOLVED! Never mind my question, solved it myself: I had the server app installed, so Lion turns to "OSX Lion Server 10.7.1" and is therefore not allowed to be upgraded by the beta. For everyone else having this issue: you can't just delete the server.app, instead you need to stop all installed services (Script can be found here!) and delete /System/Library/CoreServices/ServerVersion.plist. Reboot and although every single one of the 20'000+ installed files from the server.app is still in place, your system version won't show no server anymore. -- sheep
  2. Good time to get a macbook pro?

    definately a bad time to buy a macbook. Intel unveiled their iCore7-Mobile cpu's yesterday. So if you can wait a bit longer you will get a macbook with superior cpu-power for the same price.
  3. I checked back for the GA-EP45-DQ6 … no new BIOS containing AHCI 1.20e for this model in the BETA-Forum, neither on the support pages itself. Does anybody know something about this model?
  4. I'm wondering about this too. I'd love to get one of these little cuties – but I'm a bit afraid that it might have some incompatible hardware, although the specs read just fine...
  5. 9800 GTX+ or GTX 285

    ATM it absolutely doesn't matter which one you take if you're not going to take advantage of the cards 3d capabillities. Looking some months forward top Snow Leopard and OpenCL gives a different view on things: with an OS that uses the graphics card's GPU for parallel task processing you are most likely to get faster renderings with the GTX285. Like Quicktime does with the 9400M for now, Quicktime X should provide faster results using the GPU for transcoding etc. of your video footage. -- sheep
  6. The actual Beta for the GA-EP45-DQ6 doesn't contain any new AHCI-BIOS. Still very long boot time. :-( EDIT: A mod in the german GA-Forums announced that GA will Update all mainboard with P45 chipset and up, starting with the newest ones. Thread is from march: click for thread
  7. 30" LCD Displays

    Close to what??? No offense, but everyone has its own demands to a display and everyone sees through his own eyes. I.e. the most important specs to me are the color space and if the monitor calibrates well and if it works within the UGRA-specs. Second is the resolution and the size. It is of absolutely no importance to me which frame rates can be displayed without smear because I can't work so fast that this happens ;-) At least not yet ... For someone who plays games or wants to watch video, the specifications should be different. If a gamer would sit in front of my screens that are calibrated for prepress work he might not like it at all - he would feel like everything seems to light, to warm and a bit yellow. For me, this calibration shows me 95% of the color I get when my work comes out of the press. So, perfect for me - {censored} for someone else. And if it is to big, to small or just right depends on the work you do, on the workspace you own (distance to the screen) and your very personal affectations. You tell me what you like to do with your screen then I can recommend you some models - but absolutely never will there be a screen that rocks them all. Therefore I recommended prad.de/prad.com - it is the only source I found so far that tests a large range of display under the same conditions. And they proofed right for me - the Samsung 226BW with the S-Panel calibrates very well and is the hell of a deal for it's $250. But for gamers ... I don't know if I would recommend it ;-) I used to work with a 30" cinema-display for 2 years and now I sit in front of 2x 22". For me these seem ridiculous small. I liked the 30" although it was a bit to tall. For me, a 28" with the resolution of the 30" would be exakt the right size. Right now I'm highly interessted in a NEC LCD2690WUXi although the resolution is to low. Maybe the new year brings us some new screens
  8. Changes in Mail.app (10.5.6)

    Maybe this fixes my issues too...
  9. 30" LCD Displays

    You should really take a look at http://www.prad.de The right choice of monitor heavily depends on what you're planing to use it for. PRAD offers comprehensive testing and different buyers guides for gaming, entertainment, office work and design. The real problem with the large amount of review-sites is that most of them test only some devices - and comparing reviews of different sites dowsn't work well. Especially not when the site's sponsor is an electronic discounter ;-) -- sheep
  10. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6

    This seems to be related to the 9800gtx+ ... As it is driven by the RFI-strings of the 8600 or 8800 I thought you could have the same probs. I found no way to correct it and as I need a calibrated monitor I put in my 7300GT again. oO As far as I understood yes - and I did so and it works Strange. I also tested it with a Teac enclosure yesterday. Didin't work either. oO
  11. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6

    My iPhone also works .. it only crashes when I reboot the machine and it is connected. Here's something about changes in USB (and sleep): http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=141584 btw: ls8, as I see you use a 8800GT. Does colormanagement work with it? Does the colorspace change when you change the active profile in the monitor prefs?
  12. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    Since the upgrade to 10.5.6 I can't no longer use 2 cards - I use the same EFI strings as with 10.5.5: When I boot up with only one card it works, but putting my 9800gtx+ and my 7300GT together results in a kernel panic during boot. But what's even stranger: in 10.5.5 I wasn't able to calibrate my 9800GTX, ColorEyes Display paniced immediately after starting it. Since 10.5.6 I can use it again but: it changes noting! Even when I choose another color-profile in the monitor preferences it changes absolutely nothing. Would anybody here with a 9800GTX(+) please be so kind and see if changing the profile in the monitor pref results in a visaul change of color on screen? -- update -- I swapped the cards - with the 7300GT and a 7900GTX calibration works. There is also a slight visual difference using the 9800GTX+ or one of the 7000models: It seems like the range of colors is limited with the 9800. Something I slightly realized but got used to. In direct comparison I can see it very clearly:With the 9800 blendings show gradation and it seems like some colors are dithered. Is it possible that the card works not in 32-bit-mode?
  13. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6

    Hey Jonathan , I really know exactly how you feel about the uninstalled update ...it's what drove me into ruining my installation 3 days ago ;-) I don't know if the netkas PCEFIv9 is needed because I didn't try it with Chameleon 1.0.11 only. But, what I can tell you is that installing the netkas Bootloader is absolutely painless. I installed it a week ago when I was running 10.5.5 and everything was just fine. I did a backup of the old bootloader and copied the new one over the old. Voilà. After installing it you'll notice that the Darwin bootloader lists "Chameleon 1.0.12". As far as I understood the netkas Bootloader is built on the Chameleon code. What didn't really work was Hibernation. It will result in a Bios Post-Error and a reset of the Bios to it's defaults. Awaking from a stored sleep-image itself works, but correcting Bios-settings everytime isn't one of my favorites. If you have a a second Mac I'd recommend you hook up your Hackintosh-HDD to it and install the update from there. Run the LS8-post-script after and you go as Vanilla as you can. That's how I did it and it works. If you don't have another machine you should get yourself at least another harddrive. Install any version of OSX 10.5 on it. You just need basic functionality, no sound, no gfx, ... then you can remotely install Leopard from a stock DVD to any HDD you connect to. This makes things really a lot easier. What they definately changed is something iPhone-related ... I read about it in blog.iphone-dev.org. The only thing that crashes on USB is my Iphone - when I reboot my Hack while the iPhone is connected it immediately reboots òÓ Hey magare, Deleting the .DS_Stores didn't help. I wasn't really able to solve it but it works now thanks to mobile.me. I stored my complete keychain & mailbox-info to mobile.me (I don't know what drove me when I was storing my passwords on to an Apple-Server ). Anyway, after I synched mobile.me it created the empty accounts in Mail.app and created the basic folder-structure. I copied the content of the backup into the new folders and it works now. -- sheep
  14. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6

    As I posted in a new topic here, it seems like Apple made significant changes to Mail.app... I made a comoplete backup of ~/Library/Mail Normally, restoring this restored Mail.app to it's previous state. But not in 10.5.6... Mail.app simply ignores the content of the folder and starts up empty. Importing also doesn't work as the result looks like this: Any clues??? === UPDATE === Seems that I'm not the only one... http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...2&tstart=90
  15. I did a complete backup of the Mail-Folder in my users Library. In the past, restoring this folder resulted in an exact copy of your previous mail.app however, under 10.5.6 mail.app doesn't recognize the folders content anymore and starts empty. I tried this on two machines that I reinstalled with 10.5.6 today. More info http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...p=1003225 It seems like the anounced enhancements to mail.app reflect in a change of the data structure... === UPDATE === seems that I'm not the only one: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...2&tstart=90