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Mac OS X running very slow on Dell Precision M65


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I have a dell precision M65, here are its details...


Intel centrino Duo

1 gb ddr ram

Nvidia Quatro fx 350m graphics card

Intel Pro set wireless


I installed the uphuck 4.9 os x and it installed fine. Its up and running now but the mouse is very, very slow at responding. Jumping around the screen. It is near impossible to do anything and therefore it was very hard for me to do the customization after the install due to the same reason with the mouse. I am unsure whether the whole system is running slow or just the mouse because i can do nothing to check without being able to use the mouse.I'm really stuck guys and any help would be greatly appreciated





I can provide more details of my hardware if needed but i need to install xp first on a 2nd partition becuase obviously from my problem i cant find my details using os x.

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<br />Seems to me like You have QE disabled, check the system profiler, Graphics/Display section,... If yes, you need to install right graphic card drivers... depending on Your HW.<br />
<br /><br /><br />


In my situation I also have an M65, but with the T7600 processor, I installed Kalymay 10.5.2 and used the 1 cpu option and it installed well. I have the sigma9200 for my audio, and though I chose it in the installer I do not have audio... how do I troubleshoot this?


additionally my wireless intell nor my gigabit nic (broadcom 57xx) are recognized... anyway to add this? if so how? where do I go?


:) thanks for your quick response btw. :)

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