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  1. Maybe try PPF patch... ?
  2. So, this is the problem, why You can't boot to OS-X, bro... You should check this. 1/ Your disk You have installed OS-X is bootable 2/ You have installed OS-X to primary partition 3/ Check, what shows disk utility about Your drive (boot from DVD and run Utils> Disk Utility) etc...
  3. yup, if You are running old kernel, switch to at least 8.8.x or newer, I'm happy with 8.9.1, works perfect with 10.4.11
  4. Boot from install DVD again, after You choose language, select Utility>Startup disk, select Your hackintosh drive and confirm reboot, this fixed that issue to me, maybe it will work for You too... let me know...
  5. Try update Java or Flash , depends what pages make this OR install Safari 4 beta for Tiger
  6. mykl

    Toshiba Satellite u300

    Hi, my 5006X card works great with this howto, try it... You have to enter card IDs AND ALSO PCI(e) bus IDs to kext file to get it work! http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...Atheros+168c+1a