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Core 2 Duo GAMING PC 4 Sale with 8800 FX


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What is your current high price! I really don't want the 8800 GTS or the raptor 75gb drive. Let me know if you would be willing to sell without those as this is going to stay a Hackintosh ONLY! I am done with Windows for a while since I work in Windows, Linux, and full blown versions of Unix all day.


I am in Lexington, KY just so that helps and call me (859) 224-9551.


I'll say $500 to start the bidding, which I know is an insanely low ball price!


I know what kind of money is in the case alone, but no one else has given an amount. I am a whole seller of many things so i am used to getting things low dollar. So don't take this as an insult!


--- Jared

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Why are you selling it? Is anything wrong with it?


Who installed the water cooling kit and what exactly does it cool?


Where did you buy the parts? Are they mostly OEM or Retail?


Where is the computer located?


What kind of warranty would be provided by you if it wasn't working?


Do you have licensed software for it? XP, Office, Antivirus Etc..


Give us a feeler of what you are looking to get for it all together.

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I installed the danger den water cooling system. it cools the cpu, ram, and hds

its one of the most expensive kits on the market.

I bought them all on newegg+tigerdirect

Its located in california

Theres no warranty, except for what the manufactory gave me when i bought the parts, you can rma them

I have a xp pro license, and nod 32

I want around the 2.5 k range for everything

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