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This summer, I attended a summer camp at a major university that taught me how to program in Java. Kind of. We were given a set of APIs and has to create an AI for a game.


This got me thinking... even before I knew Java, I knew the syntax for C++. Currently, I am learning this for obj-c with the "Become an Xcoder" book. I understood from that API list that was given for the AI programming: I understand all there is to know about classes, sub-classes, methods (and how to call on them/send messages to them ;-)). I get the spelling and how to associate classes with GUI elements. I know how to program... almost.

What I lack is that trusty list of APIs for every language I use.

I think that a dictionary of all the commands I can use in that language, with an explanation of what it does, would be enough for myself, and many others out there, to create full-size programs that are actually useful.

Every book that I personally have seen has been for starters. I haven't looked much into the more advanced books, but I think that what I need is not a tutorial-based book (although those don't hurt) or resource: I need a reference book that will tell me "If you want to print a line to the console, send the ____ message to the ____ method."

A searchable book where I can find what I need to actually get stuff done.

A great example is the scripting language auto-it: its built-in help file is a list of everything you can do with it. Thanks to that, I have been able to create quite long (and very useful) utilities for my work. That's what I need for other computer languages.


So, does anyone know of any reference books or sites like this for Java, C++, Cocoa/objective-C, etc?

At the moment, I'm kind of obsessed with obj-C!



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