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Hackbook recomendation

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I am looking for a good hackbook recommendation, any one know of one that is 100% compatible, with everything working? I tried to search and looked at the wiki but they all posted old hardware. Im looking for a laptop that can run Final Cut Studio 2 (and Motion) at the same speeds that a Macbook Pro can, with atleast a 2ghz core duo processor. Any suggestions? Sorry if this has been asked a lot, could not find any info after searching for hours.


Thanks, Cody

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Guest pcharles25

If your using Pro Apps to make money you should just buy a Mac Book or a MBP.


i used the acer 2480 everything all the hardware worked great. With laptops i feel its better

to just throw down and buy a real Apple Lapper, just because the prices are so close anyways.


To get what you want/need you are going to have to spend 699 or 799 anyways.

Just bite the bullet and get a real mac.



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