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  1. No USB Devices Working

    Ayone who has this problem, PM me, i got VasH's script to work at startup. Thanks VasH!
  2. Need a script

    I sucesfully made the script in automator, i too had this same problem. The script helped a lot, thanks guys. Anyone who has this problem, send me a PM and il send you the script.
  3. Bad Graphics Performance

    My 8600gts 256mb runs fine with leopard, never slows down. Only thing i had to do was delete the "&" between the device ids in the info.plist files.
  4. I have made a script that you can run at startup that fixed it for me. Just pm me if you want it.
  5. I recently got leopard to run on my p5n-e after many different combinations of installs. What i did was installed it using the 15gb leopard auto install that you run through windows. After this installed, i used iKatos r2 and this tutorial to install the rest of the options like the EFI 10.5.1 NForce Kernel, remove cpupowermanagment, remove thermal kexts, Netkas AppleSMBIOS, and Nvinject. After i got everything installed correctly, i used the Kalyway 10.5.2 Combo Update. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=83092&pid=618990&mode=threaded&start= This is where i run into my problem, my main use for Osx86 is video editing, but when i plug in my camcorder to capture footage, nothing happends. Furthermore, system profiler shows that "no firewire ports can be detected". Before my 10.5.2 update, my camcorder would appear under the system profiler but still i could not capture any video as FCP and ImovieHD could not see it. Also, for some reason, my usb ports will not mount anything unless i reboot with my ipod/card reader already plugged in. I have searched all over the forum but couldnt find a solution, i also spoke to VasH who also has a P5NE and he said the combo update fixed the problem for him. My complete system specs are as followed Mobo: P5NE-Sli Video: EVGA 8600GTS 256mb Ram: Corsair Valuselect oc to 860mhz CPU: C2D E6550 oc to 3ghz HD: 120gb Maxtor 6Y120P0, WD Caviar 250gb Any help or info to fix this problem would be appreciated. Thanks, Cody
  6. I have the same problem, When i plug in my ipod, it never mounts. Help would be appreciated
  7. Does anyone know if i can install the "Leopard Graphics Update" on the p5n-e without any problems? Im using Nvinject .33 if that helps any.
  8. Thanks for the reply, ill check it out! Anyone know if the Dell XPS m1210 is a good hackbook? I was suprised at the price of it (899) and am interested in it.
  9. I am looking for a good hackbook recommendation, any one know of one that is 100% compatible, with everything working? I tried to search and looked at the wiki but they all posted old hardware. Im looking for a laptop that can run Final Cut Studio 2 (and Motion) at the same speeds that a Macbook Pro can, with atleast a 2ghz core duo processor. Any suggestions? Sorry if this has been asked a lot, could not find any info after searching for hours. Thanks, Cody
  10. I got it working, i used cal6. I can only get a max res of 1280x800x32, what about you?
  11. Bump, id like to know also. have had no luck getting my resolution to change.
  12. Must buy notebook, which one?

    Is the hp dv9000z, the one you guys are talking about. It is the one with the AMD turion X2. I too am interested in a cheaper macbook pro alternative.
  13. Out of Luck

    Ok, i got the wireless working, woohoo! I just need help on the sound and screen resolution. My sound chipset is IPX SB400, i downloaded the .kext file driver for it but it gives me an error when my computer starts up. Am i installing the file wrong? all i am doing is replacing the existing one then im restarting. Also, the screen resolution tip labled above did not work, any ideas? Thanks, Cody, any help would be appreciated.
  14. Out of Luck

    When i use that command, it does nothing , any ideas on the wireless?