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Boots only with the DVD


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I've got the uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3, and after installing and rebooting it just doesnt boot whithout the DVD. When i put the DVD and reboot the MAC boots normaly, and when im on the MAC, i cant eject the DVD, it says that some files are being used.


Before i install i did everything right, i've created an partition, seted the id=af, and activated, the only thing i didnt made was set the partition as primary. Could it be the error?


After doing this i've formated the disc on the Disk Ultility on MAC, and í installed the MAC Journaled.


All things work perfectly, the Video are perfectly(Video and Audio codecs), The Ethernet and Audio i already got the ktext fix files.


My config:


Intel Pentium D 820 2.8GHz

Intel D945Gtp - GMA950

LG LCD 19" 1280x1024

HD SATA Samsung 160Gb(for the SO: Vista, XP and MAC)

HD SATA Seagate 320Gb(for other files)




O, another thing, if i set all SO as primary they will apear on the system boot to my choise?

Im downloading Acronis Disk Director Suit, but how i will use it if it works only on windows?(after installing MAC i think i will be not able to use Windows, just after editing boot settings)

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You could just try selecting the disk as a startup disk using the utility. That worked for me once when I could only boot with the DVD.

You could also try marking the partition as active with fdisk. There is a tutorial around here somewhere.



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