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  1. Hello, I have a MacBook Pro, it was working fine today, but when i got home and turned it on, it freezes on apple logo and keep playing 3 beeps.. I searched a little bit and i found out that this should be related to Memory Problems.. As i need my Mac this week, i prefeer to take to authorized support only in the last case.. anyway, i used the hardware test tool from apple (pressing D on the boot) and made the extended test, it said everything was OK, no problems found. I even booted a Live Linux distribution, Lubuntu 10.10, and it worked perfectly, so i really think thats not a memory problem.. maybe the SO is corrupted? I have a disc of MAC OS Lion and it boots perfectly, but i dont want to format the computer and loose my data.. I tryied to access from Linux but i receive a message of Access Denied.. Any sugestions? Is there anyway to me to access my User folder on Mac HD by Linux? Get permissions? How can i get permissions? Thank You very much!
  2. thank you very much!i was without hope in making mac os x work in my p5n-e, i just thank you very much!i will install this weekend, i just love this SO, and you just brought everything, including the dual boot and all codes and software!THANKS A LOT!!!!!!ANYTHING YOU NEED ABOUT HARDWARE OR CONSOLES TRY CONTACTING ME LUCASMX@GMAIL.COMWWW.LUCASMX.COMlook i was searching the iATKOS on TPB and i found a newer version, 2.0i, shal i use this version or the one you specifyed? (sorry my english, im brazilian)i must install it this weekend!hugS!
  3. Can some explain to me about kext, plist, mkext?

    Look can someone help me? I must insert a code in a .plist file, located in a .kext "folder", but when im done editing the .plist file(with text editor) and i try to save it says that i dont have permission for that, can someone help me? How can i turn off theese permissions? I saw in another forum that you must go on the Terminal and type: sudo su sudo nano /system/libary/extensions/YOURKEXT.kext/Contents/Info.plist but when i do that i dont see any difference on the permissions(appears a type of text editor on the text editor).. Sorry my bad english, if no one help me i will try to post an image
  4. Boots only with the DVD

    no answer?
  5. Boots only with the DVD

    I've got the uphuck 10.4.9 v1.3, and after installing and rebooting it just doesnt boot whithout the DVD. When i put the DVD and reboot the MAC boots normaly, and when im on the MAC, i cant eject the DVD, it says that some files are being used. Before i install i did everything right, i've created an partition, seted the id=af, and activated, the only thing i didnt made was set the partition as primary. Could it be the error? After doing this i've formated the disc on the Disk Ultility on MAC, and í installed the MAC Journaled. All things work perfectly, the Video are perfectly(Video and Audio codecs), The Ethernet and Audio i already got the ktext fix files. My config: Intel Pentium D 820 2.8GHz Intel D945Gtp - GMA950 LG LCD 19" 1280x1024 HD SATA Samsung 160Gb(for the SO: Vista, XP and MAC) HD SATA Seagate 320Gb(for other files) O, another thing, if i set all SO as primary they will apear on the system boot to my choise? Im downloading Acronis Disk Director Suit, but how i will use it if it works only on windows?(after installing MAC i think i will be not able to use Windows, just after editing boot settings)