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How can I install Windows Vista for Macbook platform?


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[ Zomg installing Vista on a Mac ]


So.. Insert OSX install disk, then use Disk Utility located in 'Utilities' and format your hard drive to FAT in the dropdown menu which originally is on "OS X Journal" or something like it. Then after it is done formatting quit the OSX Installer and reboot the MacBook, and then insert the Vista install DVD.

Never done this before, but if i'm wrong someone correct me. ;p


But seriously, I agree with Rez.. Best is to get a normal laptop for Vista, Vista is not 100% compatible with a Mac just yet, and why would you pay over 1000 dollar (1000, right? Not sure, I live in EU.) to get a Macbook and end up installing {censored} on it? You could have gotten a Vista pre-installed machine for not more than 500 dollar at Dell or somewhere else.

I am a student, and if I could have gotten a MacBook I'd have shot every part of my brain which would have been telling me to install Windows on it. :/


Only if the GameDesign class requires me to use XP I will on my Mac.


I have used my fiance's old G3 iMac (the old colorish iMac) and even though it ran OSX a bit slow I enjoyed it more than anything, once you get used to OSX you will really notice improvements and smooth use. And one of the Applications that already make switching to OSX worth it is Adium, the (best!) multiprotocol messenger for OSX.

But for now I'm stuck in Windows sadly. >_<


If god owes anyone a favor here, please wish for him to somehow provide me with a Macbook..! ;p

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Thanks all, actually I am using bootcamp now and fusion VMware as well ^^. Great, sure for me who want to add OSX to the stock of my knowledge and jobs and she wants to use Vista. He he. I got a Dell with double boot already, time to rock with triple boot:)) or Vmware.



kkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssss ALL


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