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  1. Dell Inspiron 1545 compatible?

    @0okami No. I have most everything working but no Audio. @kodiakz On the webpage I linked to you will find a link to a Driver pack. In that pack you will find the Ethernet Drivers. I can see it in Network preferences and configure it but I have not actually used it (I use Wifi). Now if only I could get drivers for the GMA4500mhd. Can't change resoloution above 1024x768. Anyone? Anyone?
  2. Dell Inspiron 1545 compatible?

    @ Andrey Roth. I followed this guide for the 1525 to the letter and got Leopard 10.5.6 working. Working means everything save audio. I haven't really delved into the last part of the guide with regards to the trackpad so YMMV. Hope that helps. Dell Inspiron 1545 // IPC OSX86 10.5.6 Universal PPF5 Final.
  3. I pretty much had the same problem with my Leopard install. Install DVD booted fine, Saw my Drives, Installed and when trying to boot into the new installation - Your exact same message: ERROR: FireWire unable to determine security-mode; defaulting to full-secure Still Waiting on Root Device Still Waiting on Root Device Still Waiting on Root Device Here's how I personally solved it (Using Windows). I used the Kexts that I was using in Tiger for an SIS chipset. I used Macdrive to simply copy the two Kexts that I used in Tiger (In my case: Modified appleviaata.kext and Modified IOATAFamily.kext) to /System/Library/Extensions. I rebooted and loaded Leopard with no problems whatsoever. I guess if you can figure out what Kexts your system was using in Tiger - You should be set.
  4. I guess the world's largest dongle wasn't enough. Think Different indeed.
  5. USB got super slow again

    And then it got fast again.
  6. Apple's Product Cycle

    What to expect in the days leading up to Macworld 08. Apple's Product Cycle
  7. Young Gay Man Executed in Iran

    The Wiki link to "Buggery" is non existent, So I'm not sure where that quote came from. There's a much better definition of the word under (Believe it or not) Sodomy. If you don't see the relevance in properly quoting your sources, Then Ok. It proves he was the victim of a screwup in the Iranian Justice System. No bearing regarding wether he was executed for being a Homosexual, Which was my originall point. It seems this thread is headed for a {censored}storm anyway.
  8. Young Gay Man Executed in Iran

    It really is {censored} poor form that the man was executed, Especially since a pardon had been issued. Your first quote is strange, It merely reinforces my original point. The man was executed on charges of rape, Not on charges of homosexuality. Your second quote is misquoted. Your quote: The actual quote from your linked article: ^^ That's one whole sentence, It should be quoted as one. Of course anyone is free to agree with his speculation. Your third quote really has no bearing regarding my original post. Carry on Gentlemen.
  9. Young Gay Man Executed in Iran

    How about "Man executed for rape". Less sensationalist, More accurate.
  10. What makes you think those pirating your software would have bought it had they not had the chance to pirate it in the first place?
  11. A quick look around the website would seem to indicate that there is no meeting ground for this glorified circle jerk. So I wouldn't be worried about plagues or colds and whatnots. Still a waste of webspace though.
  12. FairTax. Yay or Nay?

    My understanding or interpretation of what the blogger was going on about was as follows: - I believe the current tax system works on brackets, Lower income to higher income with smaller percentage takes from the lower income than the higher income. I guess it's based on the idea that the wealthy have little bit more to give than those less fortunate in life. - Fair tax proposes that an individual's expenditures be taxed rather than their total income. According to this guys math, That would mean lower incomes would be paying more taxes than the those of a higher income (Atleast percentage wise) Personally, I wonder what safety mechanism they have in place for those making money in (Insert Country Here) and spending it overseas. But I digress, Back to work.
  13. FairTax. Yay or Nay?

    This guy seems to think it's not fair at all. If his numbers are correct, I would tend to agree with him. Fair Tax Is Not Fair
  14. If it wasn't for the title I'd say you guys were talking about Vista.
  15. L34p4rd x2

    I was starting to think the Devs had abandoned AMD and SSE2 machines. Nice work.