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[Review] Logitech Cordless Desktop S530 Laser for Mac

Guest Ramm

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I got tired of using my Apple Pro Keyboard and my Mighty Mouse (which just started having problems), so I went out to CompUSA and bought a new Logitech Cordless Desktop S530 keyboard and mouse combination. It was kind-of steep at 80 dollars, which even then isn't that bad for a whole set.




What's Included:

  • S530 cordless keyboard (for Mac)

    This is just the S510 keyboard with a nice milky white color, and some specialized buttons for Safari, Spotlight, iPhoto, etc.

  • MX 600 cordless laser mouse

    This is actually a really good piece. This mouse itself is probably around 60 dollars, and this one has a nice milky white and silver finish to match the keyboard.

  • USB Receiver
  • USB desk stand

    A small little USB "extension cord" for plugging the USB receiver into.

  • 2 AAA and 2 AA batteries (Duracell)
  • Software CD
  • Instruction manuals, etc.

It's a pretty good bargain, especially considering the price of the mouse (~$60).



  • Mouse is extremely comfortable to hold
  • Mouse movement is very smooth, cursor control is phenomenal (probably because of the laser technology)
  • Mouse has extra volume buttons, and two arrow buttons you can program for what you want. Also, there is a scroll wheel the moves in four directions
  • Mouse is just really nice looking
  • Keyboard is very thin (low profile)
  • Keyboard is nice looking
  • The keys feel good, you know when you press them down (they "click" a bit)
  • Several buttons that can be programmed
  • Both have battery meters (supposed 6 month battery time)


  • It's shiny and white - you know what that means, it seems to attract dirt and dust
  • The hand rest isn't removable
  • The included software does not work on Intel Macs; you need to download the newer software from the Logitech Website

That's about it. All in all, I'd say it's worth the money, and it's a fine piece of peripheral to have on hand.



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To those where the S530 didnt work correctly, in another thread there was help:


So finally (thanks BJMoose!!!) it works, well, almost perfect with that driver, that is normally not to be found at logitechs website. Almost because, at the moment, the eject key seems to work somehow erratic, but doesnt throw out the cd. It sometimes acts like F12, sometimes it opens spotlight and so on... But the othe things seem to work on my first look. Maybe 2.2.2 is BETA and the release version will be 2.24 or so - but at the moment... I just ordered a second S530:-)


Far all, heres the direct download link from logitech:



Report if it works.

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