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.mkv on Apple TV?

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I gave Streamclip a try, as well as someone else's suggestion of simply re-saving the file in a .MOV container from within QT Pro. The .MOV file will load in iTunes and plays just fine there, but won't download to my aTV. QT doesn't give the option of saving out as an MP4, only exporting as such, which, even with an Elgato Turbo.264 and a dual 2-GHz G5 takes 10+ hours for a 1-hour 720p movie. Streamclip, on the other hand, seemed to have no problem saving the video track in an MP4 container, but didn't understand or couldn't read the audio track, which was encoded in AC3 format, and so stripped it out entirely. iTunes won't pass the MP4 file over to the aTV either.


Did you do something else with your aTV? Hack it in any way? What codecs were the audio and video streams in originally in the file you converted?

I upgrade PERIAN to 1.2 and Still MPEG StreamClip didn't recognize the file. I still insisted with "Open Anyway" option, and only got the audio of the movie.


Any other solution?

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I have atleast 3 TB of .mkv files and hope to get more



to convert them to ATV format , I have dedicated one of mine intel mac to visual Hub because thats the only program which work with .mkv files to ATV

infect I have all the program including apple's compressor to sorenson to elgato turbo .264


but the best and the most reliable is visual hub

and to day i was searching and found your thread about mpeg stream clip and i tried the way you said and I almost screamed, why ??? because I was able to change .mkv to MOV in few minute and the transfer the same to itune while keeping my finger crossed and YES it was playing in my itune


now the reason I am writing all this stupid detail is BECAUSE when i open my ATV and connect

that shared lib under Movie it is not showing the movie i saved as MOV with mpeg streamclip


can you tell me why or just tell me the way to do it please



thanks and please reply to my request


Hi there, what dya mean by "because I was able to change .mkv to MOV"??

Do you export or just use the function "Save As.." .mov the .mkv files?



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I have tried a streaming server from atvapps.com - it works pretty well so far, playing mkv's although I do not get smooth playback with 720p mkv's and ac3.

Had to pay 7.99$ for a license but and I'm trying to convert the audio into mp3 and see if the atv is able to play it now. Checking back later with results.



Ok we got it working alright. Still some frames are dropped but the movie is watchable and the audio stays in sync. I received a config file that provided that.

Now I am very happy that I can watch my 720p mkvs on my AppleTV over the network...


I hereby recommend atvapps.com and their streaming solution for the appletv.



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Ideally, you dont really want to convert or transcode the MKV file because that (usually) means you are compressing the file again. What you want is to remux the file, with no loss of video or audio quality, to a format that iTunes and AppleTV will be happy with. Full disclosure, I work for a small company that had the same problem, although we were trying to watch MKVs on our PS3, but the same file plays on AppleTVs as well. So we wrote a simple tool. Its $9.99 and available here http://shedworx.com/mkvwatch I hope its helpful for you.


If you come across an MKV file that doesn't work, or you have some ideas or feedback we'd love to hear from you.

AS said, AppleTv can't play HD .mkv files, but just handbrake or ifunia mkv converter to do the converting, I suppose the handbrake maybe need pay attention to set the right preset, you can google "Handbrake Presets for iPad and iPhone 4 or Apple TV".

Hmm, I suppose you have got the Mac Mini Core ?

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If you jail break an apple tv 2nd gen, you can install plex client on it and watch mkvs amongst other things, pretty much anything else. But you need plex server installed on a pretty fast computer that can transcode on the fly and feed it to the apple tv.

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