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  1. You can go to an air-brush shop or smth.Paint it black , then add stickers on the back and paint it white , and so on and so forth.
  2. a little birdie says....

    It's alot faster now , finder especialy is way way faster.A few new bugs tough , iTunes bundled with it didin't work out of the box. Had do re-download 7.3 , and iChat crashes alot more now.
  3. Searching for a Media Hub Solution

    Media Portal , Nero Home , search on google media center software and you should find what you need.
  4. Try to go for the Core2Duo E2180.It's dirt cheap and overclocks to 3Ghz really fast. I'v had a Celeron D 331 @ 2.6Ghz stock. With a good Zalman cooler i was able to take it at 5,2Ghz 24/7 for the last year and a half. Curently i'm running a machine similar to the highest end MacPro
  5. What socket 771 motherboard is curently in every MacPro out there?
  6. iPhone Hard Drive Update?

    Oh...that sucks then
  7. Apple TV on OSx86 10.4.10?

    Got it to work but i can't change the volume.Good think i have head phones with volume control Greate Job Crimson.
  8. Apple TV on OSx86 10.4.10?

    Actualy this is my first question of this sort so i doubt we ave meet "again".Or posibly you where refering to helios. Tough i just abandoned it.I installed front row and the apple tv theme pack.
  9. Ok this is sort of a request to people that have a iPhone that is broken in some way , but it still works or a person that has a thirst for modding the iPhone to the extreme. I can't use an iPhone in this country so i can't test this , but what king of hard drive dose the iphone have? Could it be changed to let's say an ipod hard drive? and then just copy the data on the iPhone's HDD and copy it to the new HDD and swap them? Think about buying an iPhone with 4GB of memory and modding it to let's say 40GB or 8GB and so on , and so forth.
  10. Eject cd/dvd not working

    I had the same problem when i first installed 10.4.8.Then i upgraded to 10.4.10 and it works perfectly. Try pressing F12 for a few seconds and see if it works..
  11. Apple TV on OSx86 10.4.10?

    First of all i'd like to say this is my first day of using OSx86 and i just love it. I'm curently working at installing Back Row on my PC but just can't make it work. I "got" the Crimson back row installer for Mac , used the instructiones in he's guide till i got here. Navigate your way to E03E0 in the editor. There should by two entry in ASCII it that should say “0s4″, in HEX “30 73 34″. Change this to what ever the disk id your want to use. Using a HEX Editor i found the entry E03E0.I found the code that i have to edit (namely beaing 0s4) but i'm stuck at a problem. The drive i have OsX installed on is named just E.That's how i named it simply E. But the code i have to edit is 3 letters big.I tried just putting The E and deleting 0 and 4 , tried all sorts of variationes of it and i can't get it to work. I run Back Row , I can see the beautifull Intro Movie and then it exists and after a few seconds it tells me it couldn't find Info about Perian or something similar. I have Perian 1.0 installed , so the only problem would be the drive letter in the Hex. If someone could explain to me how i should fill the drive letter in i'd be greatefull. Thank you!
  12. Hello , my name is Vladimir , i'm from Romania.I'm new to OSX and love it.I would like to abandon it but i can't seaing how i can't use my internet conection with it. My internet provider C-Zone has a script , and you only have internet while it is running. The problem is they don't have an OS X variant , but they have a linux one.As i said i'm new to OSX and don't know how to port code from Linux to OSX. I'm not the only one , there are about 200-300 souls here that want to use OSX but beacause C-Zone dosn't havea a script for OSX we can't use it. If someone would be kind enough to port this {censored}y script HERE (it's at the bottom of the page) to OSX we'd be forever in your debt. If you can't undersand something on the page post here and i'l translate.
  13. How to stop Time Machine

    To not start another topic , how much space do the backups Time Machine makes take.
  14. .mkv on Apple TV?

    How much time dose it take to encode them to mp4?Let's say a 4GB movie?Are shure there aren't any codecs that would permit the Apple Tv to run .mkv?
  15. .mkv on Apple TV?

    Are there any plugins that can alow the AppleTv to play HD .mkv files?I'd like to buy an Apple Tv , but if it can't play this type of files i'l have to go for the Mac Mini Core Solo.