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Finder Restarts Itself. [10.4.9]


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I noticed that sometimes when I try to work with files in Finder, it will crash and restart itself. Which means that all the windows that I had open in finder, close and are replaced by a fixed set of windows. I don't know why this is happeneing.


I think that, I could just get another version of the finder.app? possibly, or is there a kext or something to fix this?


I'm using Semthex B8 Kernel from the eGWan Intel.SSE3 1048 Combo Patch.mpkg This patch also works for 10.4.9 as far as I have heard.


I was not having problems when I first started using 10.4.9, and I never had the problem in 10.4.4/5.


Any advice would help. Could I take the finder from the 10.4.9 combo update? and add that into the equation.


I'm thinking that if I update to 10.4.10 it may fix this? Just by overwriting the files? I want to update to 10.4.10 anyways..


Thanks in Advance,

My experience with OSx86 has been good, other than just a few little things like this.

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I've recently been having the same problem. Finder will just restart itself, and I'll have to reopen the window to get back to whatever I was doing.


I'm using the Semthex kernel as well and also applied the eGWan patch for 10.4.8. Right now I'm using 8.9.1 and 10.4.9. My specs are in sig. It's only started recently... weirrrrd


I'll be upgrading to 10.4.10 soon, hopefully that will fix the issue.

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