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  1. I was running 10.5.4, then updated to 10.5.5 by installing from iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 DVD. The install went perfectly, I'm running 10.5.5 with 9.5.0 kernel. Unfortunately my formerly administratively privileged account is now listed as a standard user. I do not know what the default admin/password is for OSX. Could anyone provide some insight as to how to restore my account to administrative privileges? Thanks.
  2. 10.4.7 here glad to hear that the finder fix worked
  3. As far as the crashing when you right click. Do you have stuffit deluxe installed on your computer? If so: http://www.asceticmonk.com/blog/?p=499 That should fix the contextual menu crashing
  4. w.jeffrey

    Finder Trouble On MAC OS 10.4.10

    i have the same problem and it's very frustrating... i've checked the finder crash log, but it's just a whole bunch of stuff i don't understand. lame. if anyone also has a crashing finder problem, please post!
  5. w.jeffrey

    quicktime 7.2 and itunes 7.3.1

    installed and everything working fine, specs in sig
  6. w.jeffrey

    Finder Restarts Itself. [10.4.9]

    I've recently been having the same problem. Finder will just restart itself, and I'll have to reopen the window to get back to whatever I was doing. I'm using the Semthex kernel as well and also applied the eGWan patch for 10.4.8. Right now I'm using 8.9.1 and 10.4.9. My specs are in sig. It's only started recently... weirrrrd I'll be upgrading to 10.4.10 soon, hopefully that will fix the issue.
  7. w.jeffrey

    How to share a full volume

    if i understand you correctly, there's a relatively simple way to do this. i used the "ln -s" command in terminal. what this will do is create a symbolic link for your other volume whether it be external or internal. open up terminal and type: ln -s /Volumes/NAME-OF-EXTERNAL-DRIVE LINK-FOLDER-NAME where "NAME-OF-EXTERNAL-DRIVE" is the name of whatever volume it is (doesn't have to be external), and replace "LINK-FOLDER-NAME" with the name of what you want the symbolic link's name to be in your Home directory, since that's what OSX shares. after you've typed the line, it should create a symbolic link for that volume in your Home directory, which should be visible to all other computers you're currently shared with (OSX or Windows). This should allow read/write ability. Hopefully this is what your question is about, if not, disregard this. best of luck!
  8. w.jeffrey

    Problem with Photoshop CS3 on Mac.

    After replacing AppleSMBIOS.kext, everything in CS3 works perfectly I've noticed that when I check my System Profiler and am under the Hardware tab on the left side, it says, "There was an error while gathering this information." It's not that big of a problem because CS3 works, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem/knows a fix. Thanks! -Jeff
  9. tiight, it worked :] i had to get the files on my own because they wouldn't unzip from the file attached. but i followed the directions and all works well now i can connect from windows machine to osx and vice versa. thanks for all your help boinky as well as everyone else! -Jeff
  10. Nice, I've seen that thread before, but I must have missed those recent posts. Thanks for the help, when I get back home from work I'll give it a go. Thanks again, I'll let you know what happens. -Jeff
  11. Mapping the drive succeeded in allowing me to connect from Windows to Windows, but still no luck on the OSX side I'm gonna keep toying around w/ it. Thanks!
  12. My preferences screen looks exactly like your screenie, and typing the address in my explorer bar yielded the same result. But here's one... I rebooted into my Windows drive, enabled sharing, made sure I was in the same workgroup as the other Windows boxes on my network. My Windows boot was also using as my osx drive. When I tried to connect to my Windows boot, using another Windows machine, I got the same result as if it were trying to connect to my OSX drive. It seems strange that I can connect to other Windows machines with a Windows machine, just not mine... What do you think this means? A possible router issue vs an issue with my box? Thanks again for your patience and help. -Jeff
  13. eeeeeyea, I'm getting 0% loss, but still no dice. Windows sharing is on, SMB/CIFS is enabled and configured to the correct workgroup, and i'm logged in as Jeff. I can see the osx box, but just can't get in... Is it possible that my software is messed up? I haven't mentioned that last week I replaced my AppleSMBIOS.kext with a different one in order to get Adobe CS3 working. It's strange because like I said, I can connect to my Windows boxes, I don't understand why the reverse isn't possible. blehh, thanks for your help again! -Jeff