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Favorite Sports Teams


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Football: Love the game too much(American), but I don't really have a favorite team. I dunno why I could never choose one

Basketball: Lakers obviously

Baseball: Angels :thumbsup_anim:


what are yours?

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Err... I like every sport other than Baseball.


Basketball - Lakers

Football/Soccer - Brazil

Ice Hockey - Toronto Maple Leafs/Edmonton Oilers/Detroit Redwings

Football (as in NFL) - Pittsburg Steelers

Cricket - India

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@EFI Football is not Soccer :thumbsup_anim:


It is in North America. Not that I like it...I use both the terms...depending on where I am in the world lol.



Oh yeah..forgot to add


F1 - McLaren Mercedes ( I still have a little Ferrari passion in me...but ever since Schumie retired last year...I dunno)

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Basketball: Chicago Bulls (when M.J. was playing there - today without him, the NBA is not the same anymore)

Baseball: Atlanta Braves (although I rarely have the chance to watch Baseball since I live in Germany)

Soccer: Germany, France, HSV (Hamburg soccer team, first league) (though I mostly watch the great international tournaments like World Cups and European Cups)

Formula 1: Ferrari (forever!)


About the rest: during Olympic Games and so on, I am cheering the German teams, of course (who wouldn't do the same for his country), although sometimes I also cheer France (when Germany has been eliminated and France is still there :())

I watch a lot of other sports, too, but don't have any favorites...

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