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unable to find driver... ...ACPI

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I'm almost sure VMWare doesn't support Mac OS X.


Yeah it does, atleast the newest version does. I have installed it and ran it, so I dont know what the problem is here.


Restart the virtual machine and -v at the prompt and see where it hangs.

It could be just that youre using an older version of VMWare.

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Hello guys, I was having the same problem with 10.4.8 install... But it seems that i get passed that very easily :P It was asking for ACPI driver so I gave it my old drivers... from 10.4.6... I think the problem was 10.4.8 installation not copying two files (AppleACPIPlatform...kext + IOACPI...kext) so system cant start for some reason...


Here is how i did it...


I had installed 10.4.6 before already, and have xp also, than installed transmac softwared to copy the files (named below)... to my other system 10.4.8 partition under /system/library/extensions and there you go, system started with no problems... but knowing from previous experience about repairing permissions... :P i did it from 10.4.6 I dunno how u can do it w/o some expert help needed


+ AppleACPIPlatform.kext

+ IOACPI....kext (dont remember full name)


Anyways, If you are dual booting, it is easy to do it. just copy these two files... done...

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