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Installing OS X86 on a real mac?

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Okay, so my school gave me a G3 500mhz, firewire, usb, vga 256mb ram for free. I have a copy of 10.4.8 osx86 intel/amd and was wondering if this was based on a universal install disc, so I could install it on this.


I just don't want to download another 4gb+ image to install it on this computer.


I am sorry if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find it.


Also, if I downloaded the WWDC release of 10.5, would I be able to install it on this mac?



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Ah, yes. I found out, that the school had already installed OS X on it, although it was 10.0.4. The school must have gotten confused in the change in IT guys, and forgotten it was installed, because 9.2.2 was set as the startup disc. I am now downloading 10.4 as 10.0 is old.


Thats a bummer about leopard, Oh well. I guess it is only a 500mhz.


I feel sorry for the primary school, who has to use these slow G3s though, <3 our G5s we use.

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