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    remote desktop options

    You mean os x to os x right? You can go into system preferences > Sharing then tick "Remote management" and then tick Control and observe. You should be able to press Command + K and type in vnc:// then the ip of the computer you want to connect to. for example vnc://
  2. REQUIREMENTS: An already jailbroken 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 iPod Touch A Windows Computer At least 300mb of space on your iPod At least 300mb of ram free on your computer I take no responsibility for anything that goes wrong during this process, or if anything breaks due to following this tutorial. Step 1. Download iBrickr special edition Here Step 2. Unzip that, plug your ipod into your computer and run ibrickr.exe Step 3. iBrickr Should guide you through this process, checking to see if your iPod is compatible or not, (it will say iPhone but it still works) See the video tutorial Here Step 4. Once you have run iBrickr, go into installer.app and install 1.1.3 Soft upgrade (It should be in all packages) - If you cannot find this in there, make sure you have community sources installed. If you still can't find it, uninstall community sources then reinstall Step 5. Installing 1.1.3 soft upgrade should cause your ipod to restart, and if everything has gone correctly, it should reboot into the new 1.1.3 firmware. (You will have lost all your applications) Step 6. Go into installer again and install the 1.1.3 soft upg cleaner (This will remove the old image on your ipod, saving 300mb) Step 7. Download This file and run Touch explorer inside. Step 8. Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app and right click on the file "Springboard" and click the first option (it will be in japanese) Download it to your desktop and rename it to "Springboard2" Step 9. Download sdelta3 from Here, Extract it and drop "Springboard2" into the sdelta3 folder. Step 10. Right click on cygwin1.dll and press "Open with.." Then select cmd.exe (It should be located in C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe) and type this command "sdelta3 Springboard2 SpringBoard_patch.sd3 > Springboard" (Without the quotes) Step 11. Go into the sdelta3 folder and you should find a new file called "Springboard". Drop this into Touch Explorer in /System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app and it will replace the old one. Step 12. Reboot your ipod, and you should be into the 1.1.3 with all the new applications, jailbroken and wiggly icons! Some, if not most of the applications found in installer may not work after the upgrade Please reply if you find any problems or easier ways to do this tutorial. Thanks. Edit: Digg this!
  3. eLMafUDd

    Remote control for Front Row anyone?

    I belive there is already a remote with a reciever that plugs into USB (keyspan or something? I'm not sure) That is already available. Anybody want to explain better?
  4. eLMafUDd

    [1.1.3] iPod Touch step by step jailbreak.

    Yeah, you don't have to use this tutorial anymore. There are easier ways to do it. This was just from when the jailbreak was first released and there wasn't really any confirmation and tutorials for the iPod touch.
  5. eLMafUDd

    [1.1.3] iPod Touch step by step jailbreak.

    The extra steps other than running ibrickr are for enabling the new applications on the iPod Touch (using touch explorer and sdelta3). For a simpler way, run iBrickr and do what it says, then follow steps 7-12 to enable the new apps. There is a problem now however, any alarms and such will not work anymore.
  6. eLMafUDd

    [1.1.3] iPod Touch step by step jailbreak.

    Not that I can see. It show up as an iPod in iTunes, only has the 1.1.3 iPod applications (no phone, SMS, camera etc) and has the iPod Touch preferences panes. So this is just an iPod jailbreak, not turning it into an iphone.
  7. eLMafUDd

    Time Capsule Discussion

    Apparently, The NAS just appears as a regular NAS for windows users. Obviously only Macs can use it with time machine.
  8. eLMafUDd

    Macbook Air or Black Macbook?

    I would go a macbook, I bought a macbook about 3 weeks ago (A white macbook), fully aware that it could possibly be out of date soon. But I am really happy with the purchase. It's really portable, light, and beautiful. I used the like the black but I think the white looks better now. I would definately go for the Macbook, you wont regret it.
  9. eLMafUDd

    Australia: No pr0n 4 u!

    To quote: "If all the porn was taken off the internet, there would only be one website left: bringbacktheporn.com"
  10. eLMafUDd

    MacWorld 2008 Transcript Leaked?

    They do this every year, rarely turns out to be accurate.
  11. eLMafUDd

    Leaked Photo of Sub-Notebook?

    Numberzz likes his edits. This looks fake to me, still seems to large for an ultra portable. Would compete too much with their macbooks.
  12. eLMafUDd

    Australia: No pr0n 4 u!

    LOL at the above post. Sucks to be aussie. Can't see this happening without a lot of opposition though. First inappropriate websites, next it will be pirated material Then who knows...
  13. eLMafUDd

    AMD Subforums

    I'm for it also, I like the lock the root idea. It's annoying trying to get support for AMD related issues/releases and getting invaded by people asking questions about intel.
  14. eLMafUDd


    Okay, Let's give an example. We have just got a pretty major train line where we live, and it has been open for no more than 5 or 6 days. Already the windows, seats and outside of the trains have been tagged and vandalized. The windows are all scratched up, the back of the seats inscribed with offensive comments. I fail to see how this is a form of 'art' and cannot possibly think that it should be legalized. Another example: The school I go to has frequent people tagging and vandalizing the property, causing them to constantly have to repaint their walls, costing heaps. Also, people are ruining expensive equipment (air conditioners etc.) on the roof which are worth upwards of $10 000. Again, it seems pointless and destructive.
  15. eLMafUDd

    Pics or 10.5.2 Didn't Happen!

    You dont get b& for breaking rule 1 & 2
  16. eLMafUDd

    Mac OS X Developer Preview 3

    It's interesting how they kept the same icons for the folders all the way up until 10.4
  17. eLMafUDd

    NetGear USB WiFi Adapter

    Try this driver, it lists compatibility for the WG311T in the list: http://www.orangeware.com/endusers/wirelessformac.html Unfortunately it's only a trial version, so you may have better luck trying to find it on "less official" websites.
  18. eLMafUDd

    Intel Wireless driver

    Hmm, I think you should just contact jalavoui regarding dev work. I am using OS X 10.4.8, but I think the latest release is 10.4.10.
  19. A community has been created to host the hacking progress of the iPod Touch, by the same people as the iPhone Dev Team and the iPhone hacking. This wiki can be found at http://touchdev.net We need developers who know their stuff, if you know anybody then refer them here please Spread the word if you want the hacking of the Touch to speed up!
  20. Do you have a touchscreen? Built in phone? Sim card doodad?
  21. Okay, so my school gave me a G3 500mhz, firewire, usb, vga 256mb ram for free. I have a copy of 10.4.8 osx86 intel/amd and was wondering if this was based on a universal install disc, so I could install it on this. I just don't want to download another 4gb+ image to install it on this computer. I am sorry if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find it. Also, if I downloaded the WWDC release of 10.5, would I be able to install it on this mac? Thanks.
  22. eLMafUDd

    Installing OS X86 on a real mac?

    Ah, yes. I found out, that the school had already installed OS X on it, although it was 10.0.4. The school must have gotten confused in the change in IT guys, and forgotten it was installed, because 9.2.2 was set as the startup disc. I am now downloading 10.4 as 10.0 is old. Thats a bummer about leopard, Oh well. I guess it is only a 500mhz. I feel sorry for the primary school, who has to use these slow G3s though, <3 our G5s we use.
  23. eLMafUDd

    UK Vista

    $385 AUD = around $317 USD. Almost the same. Its stupid.
  24. eLMafUDd

    Post 10.4.8 no QE/CI on GMA 950

    Does anybody have the following? Extensions/*GMA950* Extensions/AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext Frameworks/OpenGL.framwork If they do, could they please upload it to rapidshare, or email me at retardedllama@gmail.com Thanks.
  25. I know this is a bit late, but does anybody have the relevant kexts from 10.4.7? I really don't want to download a whole 4+ gb just to get a few kext files. If anybody does have the files, I would be very grateful if you could PM me, or email them to me at retardedllama@gmail.com Thanks.