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Various OSX Q's

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Hey guys, now that the audio problem,(and everything else) is fixed I have two more general qs:


1. Is it possible to have platform=x86pc as the default, instead of having to type it in each time I start?

2. How do I change the disk permissions for the other hard disks. Right now they're read only, which is useless, and I'm at a loss.

3. How do I prevent the password prompt from coming up at startup?

4.Are the concretesurf forums down?

5.That's two more than I thought...I'm leaving to bed now.

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1. Edit /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist Kernel


Kernel Flags


Boot Graphics



2. If it's NTFS, you'll only be able to read from it.


3. Go to Sys Prefs > Accounts > Auth (click the lock), then click Login Options. Check "automaticly login as".


4. Yes they are down. Damn.

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Aight, one more for yous guys- when I open the DVD Player, I get this:


There was an initialization error


A valid video device could not be found for playback. [-70017]


I'm running all the latest patches, etc.

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DVD Player.app doesnt even run on the Dev Kit, It is a problem with DVD Player itself, not on your end.





Argh! Ah well...there's got to be a bunch of free software that does the same thing right? I know nothing about MacOS, not since I ditched my old Mac Performa that couldn't even run the software it came with...

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New question: first, why the heck isn't there one thread, that's stickied, with all this useful info? Am I the only clueless one here?


Second: The date and time is screwed up. I can change, but then its ahead a couple of hours in Windows...why does this happen, anything I could do?

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