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  1. Firefox Performance

    Thanks guys! I cant beleive a post I posted AGES ago would be active today O.o I had it running natively ages ago, and havent still got it, but I tried and the performance for me was "OK" thanks -eight
  2. New iso claiming Nvidea support

    I dont think flibblesan could have put it better about what I think -eight
  3. Error Loading Operating System

    OK, Your MBR has most likely been corrupted, this has happened before. what you have to do withoput losing any data is to get a Gentoo Linux Minimal Live CD, it says install but it wont install it will just out you at a linux prompt, and then use cfdisk select the bootable partition (And just toggle on and off if the bootable partition is already selected as Boot, and then go along to the Write option and and make sure it says that its written, dont accept Written But Couldnt Re-Read as it wont work when you reboot. HTH, need anymore help... just PM me. -=eightballx=-
  4. C:/ minus 6.5GB

    To make a partition of the type 0xAF just use cfdisk (on a gentoo liveCD) to chnge type to AF.
  5. The .img file from the VMWare file is a raw image file like from PearPC afaik... By the Way... .img is created by another tool... not VMware as vmware files in vmdk -=eightballx=- You could try the VMWare disk resizer... but i dont know if it supports HFS+
  6. Installing app and then don t start!!

    I Am sticking with my 0.2 patch, i have heard REALLY bad stuff about the 0.3 patch (Like an unstable OS)
  7. I think i may have found a solution! EspadaV8's PearPC image resizer The link above is an Image resizer tool (originally for PearPC) By EspadaV8 It makes img files bigger.. do not use the fix tool. It might work by using this tool to make tiger-x86-flat.img bigger and then Re-dd'ing You need to have the java runtime enviroments installed (J2SE iirc) How to start the tool: Windows: Open command prompt, type java -jar PearPC-HD-Resizer-0.21.jar Linux: In your shell type java -jar PearPC-HD-Resizer-0.21.jar Mac OSX: Click on the Executable Jar File. I cant test if it works due to HD space reasons, but please can someone try this... this COULD be an indispensible piece of info! HTH -=eightballx=-
  8. I got hi i m trying to install osx86 but i need the files ditto.tgz and coregraphics.tgz please send them te me my mail is georges.kallab@gmail.com thanks The thing is... It appears to be from an anonymous user! with no posts ... and no group... where a name should be there is nothing! I think we should all spam the e-mail in the PM if it is going around to alot of users, and btw the PM from the pearPC board was from wetlegs6 and he doesnt work for apple. HtH -=eightballx=-
  9. AppleSecurityAgent?

    I have found it! You need to open finder and then navigate to /System/Library/Coreservices/securityagentplugins and then ctrl+click or right click on loginwindow.bundle and select "Show Package Contents" Then Go to Contents and then Resources and you can take the .tif files for the loginwindow! Hope this helps -=eightballx=-
  10. AppleSecurityAgent?

    Nevermind.. I found the file in System/Library/Coreservices... I still dont get how to use it tho!
  11. AppleSecurityAgent?

    Well, i was talking to HoZY on IRC and i asked him how to rip an image from the login window... He replied and said i had to get to AppleSecurityAgent (Or something like that) and i could extract it. So anyway.. i know i sound like a n00b, but how can i access/open AppleSecurityAgent?. And am i talking about aSa or will i need another utility/tool? Thanks -=eightballx=- By the way, the image i wanted to rip is in my new fancy sig/avatar!
  12. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    I Have gotten simple JAR apps to work but anything big (Limewire For Example) Wont start... It wont start when its compiled for PPC or compiled as a JAR... Im yet to try Azeurus HTH -=eightballx=-
  13. Where can i get OSX86??

    Sorry you were calling me a hypocrite? I didnt used to be aware of the danger of apples lawyers. Can you point me to this post? thanks, (you have every right to call me a hypocrite if what you are saying is indeed correct. -=eightballx=-
  14. An Apple killer move: GPL

    I dont really think that apple would do that because the one main reason would be: They wouldnt make any money! think about it... you wouldnt have to pay to get OSX, not very smart business sense for apple really is it? -=eightballx=-
  15. My generic Belkin USB wireless Optical mouse runs without a hitch natively...