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  1. Leopard 9a581=Retail *confirmed*

    If you're using QS just for launching apps then consider getting rid of it, spotlight in leopard is system level and just as, or if not faster. The size of the dvd is 7.11gb
  2. The size of the dvd is 7.11gb
  3. Leopard 9a581=Retail *confirmed*

    I live in asia and they've just started selling the discs. Build number is 9A581 definitely... it's really fast. I recommend getting rid of quicksilver or disabling it from auto startup on login as it severely kills bootup time. DVD is currently spinning in my friend's powerbook, will post disc size when he's done... Kexts for the nVidia 8600M in 3rd gen MBPs aren't really updated I reckon, still getting horrible frame rates in a lot of 3D intensive apps... a letdown, really. But otherwise the increase in application performance, especially on first run is really noticeable (same with launching apps using spotlight, I've gotten rid of QS). Also remember get rid of Tinkertool/Onyx/whatever or restore prefs to defaults before attempting to upgrade. I went with "Archive and Install" and things went without a problem. Big thumbs up in general.
  4. I couldn't find the thread but I'm posting this from a GM build. It's 9A581.
  5. Are you a virgin?

    I need to move to Italy.
  6. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    I think they're given out randomly, so... no.
  7. That's silly- why would you want to bench a non-unibin CS2 vs. a unibin CS3? It's painfully obvious which one would come out on top
  8. Trash

    colonels, I think that's XP with a vista visual style. There's no IE6 on Vista, and note the cut off orb in the taskbar.
  9. Reinstalling windows after 1 day

    The other guru, bb. Yes, special indeed.
  10. The Ultimate Web Browser

    Blurry, hmm. IE7 by any chance? Hail ClearType!
  11. Reinstalling windows after 1 day

    How is he a guru!?
  12. Buy a mac, or a pc?

    Not only is it stupid, but you two look stupid, as well Yeah, and overpriced.
  13. "There will be"? hahahahahaha. We've been battling this "chip" right from the start, man Colonel- so leopard is cracked now. Great news I guess
  14. I thought hackintoshes are now liberated *from* any hardware constraints that may have previously existed.. thanks to 10.4.8 & the new kernel? I have a 3 year old system here with everything supported o_O. Count me lucky I guess, but I've had everything work right out of the box since 10.4.1, save for graphics.. which 10.4.8/Titan fixed.