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Dual PCIe Cards

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I recently replaced my X800 with a 7600GT. Since my board has two PCIe slots, I decided to see what would happen if I put both cards in, and connected one monitor to each, rather than both monitors to one card (I had no intention of keeping it this way if it worked. I just wanted to see). I know that either slot will work in OS X, as I was able to get video on either card, but only one at a time. However, I wasn't even able to get both monitors to work at boot, so I don't think the limitation was necessarily OS X's. Even though both were PCIe, switching the graphics order from "PCI/PEG" to "PEG/PCI" changed which monitor would come on. I wish I had two of the same card to test it with, as I think there'd be a better chance of it working.


I haven't seen any posts about whether this works or not, but I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has gotten two PCIe cards to work at the same time in osx86 (and also if 3-4 monitors have worked with this setup)

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can't mix ATI and Nvidia cards, that doesn't work well in vista either.

Black Knight runs 2x x1800 GTO with 3 monitors iirc.


I tried flashing my old radeon 7000 mac edition today to get it to work in my hackintosh, but it gets blackscreen before the bluescreen with login comes with BIOS set at VGA > 1 PCI-E.

With my x1900 set first osx boots up, but the 7000 doesnt work, no monitors attached it says.

So I guess I flash it back to mac (openfirmware) again.



I just wanted TV-Out....

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tiny update, the pc bios I flashed to appears to be too old, and that might be the problem, Vram not recogniced.

the 7000 has a mac bios upgrade available to get it to work in "newer macs" (back to when G4 was new, hehe)

the mac version of bios is 226, the pc one was first release one from techpowerup.com

If I'll come across a newer pc bios I'll try again.


edit, update:

What you know, I found a newer pc bios for hynix vram.

when I set gfx order in bios to pci -> pci-e

it shows VESA 2.0 32mb


I can boot from dvd and the installer shows up fine also, here is a systemprofiler pic from uphuck 1.2


funny it shows up as 128mb, hehe.


booting from hd is the same as before, but I found out why I get blackscreen, system log says:

Jun 21 19:33:17 localhost kernel[0]: ATY,Alopias: Not usable
Jun 21 19:33:17 localhost kernel[0]: ATY,Alopias: Not usable

so it appears as Jccool x19x0 drivers atleast doesn't work with 2 different gfx-card, since it tries to load the same driver for both.


with my x1900xt as primary, osx boots and work fine, but no output from the 7000 as it doesn't show any vram.



Jccool drivers are based on Natit, so is it Natit that doesn't load 2 different drivers when 2 different gfx-cards are installed maybe?

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