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  1. Titan X Low Cinebench Score - Any ideas?

    With Cinebench on osx the GPU test is heavy dependent on both the CPU and memory speed. my old gtx 670 scored almost the same as my 980 ti, thou both beaten by a Radeon 7950. try running Heaven and Valley instead, if you want to test you GPU.
  2. gtx 780 and 780ti. Anyone here?

    Cinebench score relies heavy on the CPU with the GPU benchmark, even ram speeds can influence your scores.
  3. 10 bit colour depth with GTX 670 and Dell P2715Q

    My experience with 10-bit on nvidia consumer card is that it does not work reliably. You might get it working on a few reboots, but the only way I got it to work on my 980ti was after a amd 7950 had been plugged in that same slot on the previous boot. It only worked a few reboots, after wards no matter what I try, it will not work. EDIT Update: The app SwitchRes allows you to turn on 10-bit (select Billion of colors) with a nvidia card. This worked for my 980ti on Sierra with latest web drivers.
  4. Both are 1.07 billion (8bit + FRC) http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/dell_u2713h.htm
  5. I got a new graphics card today a MSI 980 ti gaming to replace the 7950s that have had 10 bit colors in Photoshop since the pre xmas patch. Since I also play games in windows the old 7950s needed a upgrade. So I just thought I'd check system report and it still said 10 bit, 10 bit ramp file looks fine. here is a quick snap with my iphone. Update: a few restarts later and no way to get 10-bit working again... so my guess is that 10 bit worked because I previously had a 7950 in that slot.
  6. If your monitor supports 10bit colors, you might want to consider a AMD card like 79xx/280(x) now that Adobe has confirmed 10bit support will be available for CC soon. Both my Dell monitors (U2711 and U2713H) shows smooth graduations on a 10bit ramp test image in Preview.app, when connected with displayport. Update: http://petapixel.com/2015/12/04/adobe-quietly-added-10-bit-color-to-photoshop-cc-heres-how-to-enable-it/ Edit: 10-bit-Rampfile looks smooth in photoshop now. This is with a Sapphire 7950 and both monitors connected with displayport.
  7. Random Reboots 10.11

    My z87mx-u3h does this too if I use sleep. After a sleep it will randomly reboot either right after wake or sometime during the next 24 hours or so, often during idle times. Fix so far is to disable sleep in control panel. No issues when it does not sleep. $ uptime 18:00 up 8 days, 1:57, 2 users, load averages: 1.19 1.16 1.08 specs: z87mx-u3h i5-4670 using intel with hdmi. clover with dsdt, hdmi audio, usb3 ssdt fix.
  8. http://www.macrumors.com/2015/10/30/4k-5k-imacs-10-bit-color-depth-osx-el-capitan/ 10 bit colors in new imacs, this is why they have rewritten the gfx drivers and other stuff. Edit: Looks to work in hacks too:
  9. I just checked my setup in OpenGL viewer, dunno if its still relevant. Clover 3280 with no gfx injection. FakeSMC.kext is 6.11.1328 FakePCIID.kext & FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext along with .ssdt for usb3 Intel disabled in UEFI. 7950 Sapphire, reference layout ( 810MHz) in PCIe slot 1 7950 Sapphire boost ( 925MHz), 4 port layout (2xDVI,hdmi,DP) PCIe slot 2 monitors connected to DVI and DP. This card is set as first boot in UEFI. Last posts in kernel log before sleep: 26. okt. 2015, 18.27.21 kernel[0]: PM response took 3070 ms (61, powerd) 26. okt. 2015, 18.27.21 kernel[0]: kern_open_file_for_direct_io(0) 26. okt. 2015, 18.27.21 kernel[0]: kern_open_file_for_direct_io took 0 ms 26. okt. 2015, 18.27.21 kernel[0]: Opened file /var/log/SleepWakeStacks.bin, size 172032, extents 1, maxio 2000000 ssd 1 26. okt. 2015, 18.27.21 kernel[0]: polled file major 1, minor 3, blocksize 4096, pollers 5 It's instant wake with black screens. after powerdown and booting this is kernelog: 26. okt. 2015, 18.28.38 kernel[0]: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x27006700 26. okt. 2015, 18.28.57 kernel[0]: AMDRadeonX4000_AMDAccelDevice: IOUserClient outputCount count mismatch 26. okt. 2015, 18.28.57 kernel[0]: AMDRadeonX4000_AMDAccelDevice: IOUserClient outputCount count mismatch