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G3 issues

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good day all.

i'm running a G3 500mhz w/ 384 ram.

i had played around with Ubuntu for a while and split my sacred 30g drive into 20 and 10 g parts, 10 for linux.

i just nuked the linux part, and also accidently took the OSX boot partition with it.

surprisingly, still boots, after a few seconds it finds the OSX part and boots it.

unfortunately, i have not found a way to reclaim that space!

i tried disk utility, ipartition, even parted from my kubuntu live cd!

how can i do this?

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thanks for the replies, guys.

actually, instead of doing that [i don't even have an OSX disc, this computer was given to me], i managed to create a second HFS partition using Kubuntu.

coolio, now i actually have all my free space used.

but thanks for the replies.

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