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  1. so that mean i should worry over here in the states?
  2. Selling the Hackintosh

    as long as you are not selling it to apple! lol it might increase your chances of selling too! You could always keep it in the family and sell it here too...
  3. My call with Apple Support

    that was awesome!!! 2 thumbs up!!!! lol
  4. is there a way that i can play my movies i downloaded that are in widescreen in full screen with front row?I use my mini-DVI a lot to watch movies on my TV but they always show letterboxed...its driving me maaaad. Any solution would be awesome!Thanks guys heres a screenshot for examplethe current video is 720x480
  5. I need help with the same stuff as above!
  6. Remove Vista from MacBook (Rollback)

    put the os x install disks in and use disk utility and reformat to hfs again re-install tiger and then try again...sux but hey...
  7. Did anyone actually go out a buy one?

    typing is flawless after a week
  8. that error is like the BSOD on a mac the gray screen of death. After a complete reformat of the drive you are still unable to boot from the install disc? or you've completly reinstalled and get the error over again?
  9. Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    a: 7/10 (i have no idea what it is but its intriging enough for me to want to know!!!!) I have my guesses but ill wait and see... s: 6/10 (Less is More!)....I took your advice and fixed my sig too since i was taking a lot of room
  10. Owned with pictures

    dragon eats your {censored}
  11. Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    Ramm has been done twice already but... A: 6/10 S: N/A
  12. how old r ya?

    wow there are a loooooooot of young people on here, its crazy to see so many mac fans that young, my g/f's brother is 16 and he doenst give two {censored} about a computer unless he needs AIM or Myspace.... Oh..I'm 22
  13. HELP

    this happened to me before i bought a used macbook and it didnt come with install dvd's you can do what i did... I installed XP without bootcamp and just ran straight XP for a couple days...downloaded leopard in xp burned to disc and installed leopard wwdc 06 (this was awhile ago as you can tell) then you can work on getting the install dvd's from torrent sites cause they are like 4.0gb and 7.6gb or something so it will take awhile thankfully a very nice person from the forum whose name i wont reveal shared them very briefly on his server and i was able to get both discs in about a day. Good Luck
  14. Get a mac?

    i would get a mac if you have the money... check the refurb section on apple dot com they have nice imacs for cheaper, here's a good deal Refurbished iMac 17-inch 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo SuperDrive 17-inch widescreen display 1GB memory 160GB hard drive 8x SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) ATI Radeon X1600 with 128MB GDDR3 memory Built-in iSight camera • Save 13% off the original price Original price: $1,199.00 Your price: $1,049.00 Estimated Ship: Within 24 hours Free Shipping owning a mac is an experience we all should have cause it just feels so much easier to me and so much more managable but thats just me, Dont go hackintosh if you dont have to, or dont go xp or vista if you dont have to.... my vote is for the MAC