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Sony Vaio Series, Apple and... Cartoons Wallpapers!

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Hi friends,

I put online some of most wonderful wallpapers on my hands... click on the thumbnail for the hi-res version and... enjoy :star_smile:



wallpaper_sm1.jpg wallpaper_sm2.jpg



wallpaper_sm3.jpg wallpaper_sm4.jpg



wallpaper_sm5.jpg wallpaper_sm6.jpg



wallpaper_sm7.jpg wallpaper_sm8.jpg



wallpaper_sm11.jpg wallpaper_sm10.jpg



wallpaper_sm21.jpg wallpaper_sm12.jpg



wallpaper_sm13.jpg wallpaper_sm14.jpg



wallpaper_sm15.jpg wallpaper_sm16.jpg



wallpaper_sm17.jpg wallpaper_sm18.jpg



wallpaper_sm19.jpg wallpaper_sm20.jpg



01.jpg 02.jpg



03.jpg 04.jpg



05.jpg 06.jpg



07.jpg 08.jpg



09.jpg 10.jpg



11.jpg 12.jpg



13.jpg 14.jpg



15.jpg 16.jpg



17.jpg 18.jpg



19.jpg 20.jpg



21.jpg 22.jpg



23.jpg 24.jpg



25.jpg 26.jpg



27.jpg 28.jpg


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I did them for the UX guide, most of them are at full res, some optimized for the Vaio resolution. Anyway you can enlarge them with no impressive quality loss.



Of course, free is never appreciated so much ;)


None of these are high res. The only ones I liked were the Apple ones at the bottom, but they're nowhere near to 1600x1200. :thumbsup_anim:

I will look for them Sabr but the linked files are the original ones... :thumbsup_anim:

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Love the Apple ones. Is it just me, or does everyone get a very low quality version of them??

Thanks, so pictures are at 1152x864px and with some tools as ImageZoom you can enlarge them with no quality loss (via ImageZoom's S-Spline algorithm).

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