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How to Write a Review

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We all love to find out about new products and here the opinions of those who have actually used them. So, we're opening The Genius Bar as a place you can go to get reviews of products, both from Apple and from elsewhere.


It's simple, takes very little time, and really helps everyone out. Here's how:


1. Pick a piece of software, hardware, or a service that you've used for some time.


2. Create a post and give it a title like so...

[Review] 15" Powerbook


3. At the top of your post, give us a rating for your topic. Something like...

:withstupid::happymac::hysterical::happymac::gathering: (Out of 5)


:(:star_smile::(:star_smile::star_smile: (Out of 5)


4.Write up your feelings on the product or service - tell us the good and the bad!

5. Post any screenshots or photographs that will help us understand your review.


6. Hit the "Post New Topic" button and you're done!


Thanks for helping out the Mac community in this way.

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