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new to mac, quick macbook pro question

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Hi, I'm new to macs (and laptops) and recently bought a Macbook Pro. I'm absolutely loving everything about the laptop and mac OS, however, I have a quick and very embarrasing question/confession.


I was using boot camp to install XP, and during the format procedure the laptop got knocked off its table onto the carpet floor ~3' below (my dumb self had it on a 3 legged night stand next to the bed, and the unthinkably obvious occurred).


At first I was absolutely horrified and was certain I had ruined the harddisk,if anything (the accident happened mid-formatting after all), however, it kept on trucking as if nothing had happened. In tears :rolleyes:, I finished installing xp and the apple drivers and then immediately ran back to OSX to do a full check of the hard drive with the disk doctor (or whatever it was called) utility. the utility found no errors and everything seemed to be fine..


My question, was I spared by the Gods? or is this machine truly as durable as it appears, and what other utilities or precautions should I consider to make sure everything is still working..keep in mind I've never owned a laptop and do not know how resilient they are/can be.


The only thing I've noticed since 'the accident' is: I was downloading a giant file (in xp) and noticed the hard disk made a barely audible high pitched noise as it worked, not constanly, but off and on. For all I know, it had always done that.


Anyway, thanks for reading :hysterical: and hello to everyone from a newbie!

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