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VMWare Fusion 1.0b4 is out

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Version 1.0b4:

Seamless Windows application integration with “Unity” - Say goodbye to the Windows desktop—seamlessly run Windows XP applications just like Mac applications; use Exposé to switch between any application, minimize to the Dock, bring forward only the application you care about, and use familiar Mac keyboard shortcuts. Use the VMware Fusion Launch Palette to easily access all your Windows applications, and keep your favorite Windows applications in the Dock.

Improved Boot Camp integration - Beta 4 adds experimental support for Microsoft Vista (see the Release Notes for more details) and offers improved automatic detection of all available Boot Camp partitions. Beta 4 also addresses problems where some users could not use the keyboard and mouse when connecting to a Boot Camp virtual machine as well as blue screens of death that occurred with some users. In addition, VMware Fusion now automatically updates Windows to use optimized drivers when run as a virtual machine.

Improved performance - Virtual machines now boot faster, and applications now launch more quickly from virtual disks. Interactive performance has also been improved with significant improvements when dragging windows around in a virtual machine.

Improved user experience - The toolbar is now completely customizable to meet your needs and virtual hardware has been moved to the status bar.

Hardware Editor now complete - Settings for virtual hardware are now complete now with the ability to add a USB controller as well as virtual serial and parallels ports that map to files on the Mac. The virtual machine hardware editor is also now a sheet attached to the virtual machine to make it easier to determine which VM you are editing.

Support for 30” Cinema Displays - Now Virtual Machines can take advantage of the full resolution of the 30” Cinema Display.

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