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How can I install the dual OS on a PC?


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After I install the Mac OS X

How can I install the windows???


I tried the parallels and virtualbox, they are very slow :(



Assuming you got another partition on you hard disk, the best method for me works like this:


Install MacOS-X on one partition, then install Windows on the other.


If you got Vista, download "EasyBCD" and add another entry to boot from MacOS-X as well (it has predefined settings, all you need to do is 2 - 3 clicks and you're set).






Then again if you got Windows XP, edit the boot.ini file and add entry like: default=C:\CHAIN0 (CHAIN0 can be found on your OSX DVD), and below it add C:\CHAIN0="Macintosh OS-X 10.4.X" (along with the Windows entry *Don't delete it*), and reboot. Don't erase your Windows XP entries, just replace the OS on [default].

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but what if i can't find the boot.ini on my Win??? Where should it be?


And what if Win XP is already installed - can i install Mac after Win?


plus, i got only one HDD - so it have to be installed on one HDD but 2 partitions!


Should this work, and if yes - HOW?


mfg Max

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