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  1. Hi, i finally got Lion to work on my computer Under win i am using 2 monitors from time to time, and activate/deactivate them by shortcut - in mac they are both active ALL THE TIME^^ Can anyone tell me if it is possible not just to clone or extend them, but to turn one of the two off if not used. You might say: why not just switch off the monitor? - i can do that but for example my mouse will still go onto the 2nd desktop and so do windows. I hope you got some kind of solution Best regard
  2. Lion install probs

    Hey, thx for your reply. I finally managed to get Lion to work using myHack The error with iAtkos was during the boot process - it gave me a boot0:error i think.
  3. IAktos L2 only boots with disk

    Hi, i wont be able to help you here, but if you see any errors when starting with -v i think it could be helpfull to post them. But i kinda have a sameish problem when i try to install Lion on my sandy bridge asrock. After saying starting darwin x86 (or sth) it always reboots and i got no clue what could fix that yet. But i'll let you know when i handled with it
  4. Hey fellow Mac'ler^^ Ich hoffe hier kann mir jemand helfen. Ich habe schon sehr viel versucht, aber stoße bei der Installation von Lion immer wieder auf Probleme. Habe das wesentliche meines Systems in meiner Sig stehen. Habe die Installationsvorbereitung nach dem Lion DP4 ohne USB-Stick Tutorial gemacht. Nachdem ich 1-2 Probleme mit Kernel Panics hatte bin ich inzwischen in die Installation gekommen - d.h. ich komme bis zur Auswahl des Zielmediums, wo ich die Installation theoretisch anpassen könnte (ist bei mir leer der Fensterinhalt zum Anpassen). Wenn ich hier jetzt auf weiter/installieren klicke, bekomme ich immer die gleiche Fehlermeldung, und zwar dass mir Bestandteile der Installation fehlen und zwar verschiedene Sprachen wie z.b. Hebräisch. Ich habe nun 3 verschiedene Versionen von Lion versucht (alles aber AppStore Versionen denke ich) und bei jeder kommt wenn ich mal im Menu bin dieser Fehler. Mache ich jetzt was falsch oder habe ich sonst was übersehen? Ich ärgere mich grün und blau, dass ich schon in die Installation komme und da an Sprachen scheitere, die ich überhaupt nicht brauche Es wäre SUUUPER wenn mir eventl jemand erfahrenes etwas helfen könnte. Da ich z.b. jetzt gerade von meinem Macbook aus schreibe, kenne ich die Vorzüge von Mac OS X und würde diese gerne auch an meinem Desktop-PC nutzen Vielen Dank schonmal.
  5. Lion install probs

    Im rly freaking out right now! Nothing works -.- Tried to get iAtkos, but on Win it wont burn without errors - in Mac it does, but then wont boot due an error And the way i discribed above still wont do it either.
  6. Lion install probs

    Hi guys im kinda new to the hackintosh scene For my studying i use a beloved MBP and now got a spare PC where i wanted to install OsX86 Lion on I faced some problems that i managed, but now theres a new one I managed to boot from one partition "Boot" i set up with my macbook to install Lion from. I had to use a patched OSInstall, and delete the AppleIntelAHCIPowerManagement.kext to get the install to start. Now i can choose a partition (which i formated with H+ GUID) to install to. So far everythings good. Then when i hit install, it tells me that languages like Hebraic and others are not found and the install cant continue (trying to install german btw). So i thought i could just click "customize" and only select English and German, BUT the custom.-window is just blank and theres nothing to choose from. Im using the official app store download (retail) version btw. Someone got any suggestions how to manage this? If you need any further info to help, pls let me know - and again, im kinda noobish on this topic^^ Thx in advance. Stef PS: Can someone tell me, if i can use the kext-package found here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=264017 <- its for the P35-DS4
  7. Kalyway Installation freezing

    Hi, here are my specs: Amd Athlon 64, 3700+ Abit KN8 (nForce 4) GeForce 7800GT 1k Ram Btw, i tried once more to install with hdd at IDE, and works - dunno why it doesn't first! But still same Problem! I don't know if it helps, but i copied the last Points of Install-log. : ========== Jul 19 08:18:22 localhost root[1790]: Running Install Scripts . . . Jul 19 08:18:23 localhost root[1792]: Begin script: disableOpenBase Jul 19 08:18:23 localhost root[1794]: End script: disableOpenBase Jul 19 08:18:23 localhost root[1795]: Begin script: migrateNetInfo Jul 19 08:18:23 localhost /Volumes/MAC/private/tmp/scripts.CntD/./postinstall[1787]: 2008-07-19 08:18:23.557 netInfoToDS[1797:1a03] (Sleep) prevent machine to sleep Jul 19 08:18:24 localhost /Volumes/MAC/private/tmp/scripts.CntD/./postinstall[1787]: 2008-07-19 08:18:24.099 netInfoToDS[1797:1a03] tmp dir path = /tmp Jul 19 08:18:28 localhost installdb[227]: done. (4.857u + 2.398s) ============ Thanks for your help!
  8. Hey there! I got a Problem with installing Os X on my Desktop PC - on my Macbook everything works great I used the OSx86 version of Kalyway 10.5.2. With my IDE HDD plugged in the installation doesn't start - so I took the external hdd. Here the disk-boot works and the Install starts...but it allways freezes at 2/3. I got a AMD 3700+ in my pc. Can s.o. tell what might be wrong?!?
  9. How can I install the dual OS on a PC?

    *ahhh push it...*
  10. How can I install the dual OS on a PC?

    Hi, but what if i can't find the boot.ini on my Win??? Where should it be? And what if Win XP is already installed - can i install Mac after Win? plus, i got only one HDD - so it have to be installed on one HDD but 2 partitions! Should this work, and if yes - HOW? mfg Max