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Whick PowerPC do I have?

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I want to know whick PowerPC I have. These are my specs from "About this Mac":


Computername: Power Mac G3 (PCI-video)

Computermodel: PowerMac1,2

Processortype: PowerPC G4 (2.6)

Number of processors: 1

Processorspeed: 350Mhz

L2-cache: 1Mb

Memory: 384Mb

Busspeed: 100Mhz

Bootromversion: 1.1.2f2


If you want to know anything else, please let me know.


The reason I want to know this, is because I've placed 4 banks of 128mb memory. In bank 1 and 2 the 128mb is recognized, but in bank 3 and 4 only 64mb is recognized. How is this possible? What's the maximum amount of memory I can feed this Mac?


Does anyone know if there's an EFI-update for this Mac?


Thank you for any response.

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you have to use the correct ram modules. yes it reads pc133 but there are other specs the ram has to live up to. read about it on apples website. it should be the right amount of chips on the stick and comply to the jedec guidelines and other things. also it must be non ecc unregistered and so on

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