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Camino 1.5 released.

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Camino 1.5 has been release today!


It is a Mac native version of the brillian Gecko rendering engine. Since it is a Cocoa app, it behaves like a Mac app should. It makes full use of system goodies such as spellchecker and keychain.

On the whole, it's a very fast browser that dumps all of Firefox's bad Mac features (eg crashes, memory leaks, ugliness) and wraps the Gecko engine in a Mac application we can all love!


The site is here:



And yes, it's universal binary :)



They also provide some useful documentation for people switching from Safari to Camino (I know I will be!)



Happy surfing folks :(

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I like Camino, but I'm too fond of Live Bookmarks and most of my FF extensions don't have Camino alternatives. :)


I'll just stick with FF until it actually becomes Cocoa. (around FFv3, right?)

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