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** 10.4.9 Updated via Software Update **


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Hi all.


I have updated my 10.4.7 to 10.4.9 using the Combo Updated downloaded from Apple. I know someone did this as well but i cannot find his post - yes i searched. After i reboot using -v a whole bunch of text scrolls on the screen and then it just reboots again.


I have Windows XP on another partition so I do have access to the mac partition using Macdrive.


Please let mne know how can i make 10.4.9 work or get beack to 10.4.7 without reinstalling - or otherwise if you know where that other post is of the guy who did the same thing, please post a link


BTW - Hi to all - my first post



http://www.theimagehouse.co.za (osx theme for XP)




Pentium Celeron D 2.66

512 Ram

40 Gig SATA

ECS P4M800 motherboard

Samsung DVDWriter


Runs OSX like a dream

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You can update it from apple but you have to swap kernels and other things, you couldnt just use software update to get it to work since it would replace your hacked kernel with the genuine apple one.


Unless someone knows better I would say that your stuck reinstalling, you can at least backup your stuff using macdrive. You may be able to get the files you needed to back up before the update from the install disc but that would take a larger understanding of OSX then I have.


Good Luck

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