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  1. iPhone on 10.4.9 ?

    Could this method be used to install Final Cut Studio 2 on 10.4.8 when it requires 10.4.9? The only problem I can forsee is the quicktime version that needs to be installed with it but that technically should be solved by changing the version number as well.
  2. Partial Black and White

    Or you can use the select -> color range and use that tool to select the color you want to keep then inverse and desaturate.
  3. I have a MB and use it for similar applications, be wary that the LCDs are a 6bit color scheme and don't dither to compensate, you will notice banding in your images that are not really there on a normal monitor. Other then this and sheer screen size/ resolution there is no difference between MB and MBP lines when it comes to your desired use.
  4. WoW shadow artifacts

    Would this fix work with my setup, im having the same issue. Though on a lighter note it makes stealthed rogues more noticable!
  5. I can start doing some testing on my macbook now. Is there any recommendations for UB games natively in OSX before running into Bootcamp and testing windows based games?
  6. A little of topic, but have you seen the tech demos for crysis? They recommend Quad Core and QC extreme cpus, and with that engine with so many possible interactions I would be suprised what you can and cant run it on. But again we know pros can do games but the question is how well a vanilla MB can do gaming. And yes MB can run WoW there are countless you tube videos to prove it.
  7. 10.4.9 amd options

    I dont use sleep, from what I understand its really difficult to get to work right, but I went with my JaS install DVD and went with the Myzar Universal Upgrade to 1049. You have to follow a guide and backup some stuff from 1048 but you can skip the kernel backup with myzar since it has one already installed. Also I then swapped kernels with koolkal latest and it doubled my xbench.
  8. Hey guys im in the middle of a production schedule right now and I will conduct the tests as soon as I am able to... I will say that Photoshop is the fastest Ive ever seen, Final Cut Pro 5.1 works fantastic (able to capture, edit, color correct, adjust audio all on battery minutes after the shoot) and shake is quite usable but the interface is a little slugish due to the opengl acceleration, and the Call of Duty 2 Demo is playable at low texture settings. Im sorry this taking long but I will post a review as soon as I can wipe my system with a clean install with boot camp.
  9. Best Video Card

    Ive got dual monitor support with a Geforce 6800 Ultra, Im not sure about any others but Im sure its easier then with most ATIs
  10. FCS 2.0 on Hacintosh

    Works fine here, havent tried motion but color works really fast.
  11. I would get the macbook, but not the fancy upgrades through apple. It costs $350 USD for apple to upgrade RAM but ordering ram from crucial or newegg, is less then $100 USD, also you can get a 160 GB 7200 RPM 2.5 inch sata drive for cheaper then the apple upgrades as well. This is what I did when I bought my macbook, and it was the simplest upgrade I have ever done, the Hard Drive just pulls out and the ram has release levers, it was designed to be easily upgraded.
  12. 10.4.9 on AMD

    Alright I got it, I followed the instructions but ditched the steps about the kernel since the myzar already installs a modified one. Everything seems to be working out of the box now, including wireless which is usually a couple steps.
  13. 10.4.9 on AMD

    So you have to follow the netkas instructions to install the myzar release... I have but I cant seem to overwrite the old extension files over the new I keep getting errors, can I do it outside of the terminal, I try dragging and dropping but it asks to authenticate and then never asks for my password. Also do you just use the koolkal installer or do you need to extract the kernal from the installer?
  14. You can update it from apple but you have to swap kernels and other things, you couldnt just use software update to get it to work since it would replace your hacked kernel with the genuine apple one. Unless someone knows better I would say that your stuck reinstalling, you can at least backup your stuff using macdrive. You may be able to get the files you needed to back up before the update from the install disc but that would take a larger understanding of OSX then I have. Good Luck
  15. Final Cut Studio 2 in peoples hands

    You guy who have the Final Cut splash screen but not opening check out your console in your utilities folder and see if the FCP is throwing a Aecore exception, this error has caused alot of issues on x86 users but can be worked around.