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Red " ! " on 2nd and third Hard Drives! Cant install software!


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Here is the deal.


I don't know how to solve.


You have a NEW HD, install 10.4.8 for example.Then your old HD's become storage, you go to install DRUMCORE or iLIFE apps, choose OS HD for system files, but when you go to select STORAGE DRIVE, there is a RED ! and you can't install them there.


Is there a way to fix this?


Now before you say, some programs won't allow you too, when all the HD's where 10.4.6, I could install iLIFE operating files on primary, as well as sample libraries on ALL THREE drives.


My theory is when you update via APPLE for real macs, it somehow fixes all the drives maybe? Whereas when we update, we update only our OS HD and not the other HD's - so there is something else behind the scene maybe, with a real MAC updated!



Any ideas?



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