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Compaq C500 series wifi

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ugh this is driving me :D nuts here. im wandering if anyone has found a solution to the problem with compaq C500series (C555NR w00t 380$ full laptop at bestbuy lol) and probably C300 series the wifi card just doesnt show up in OSx at all its a Broadcom 4311 (14e4,4311 hardware ID's) i've searched and searched. what it appears to me is the wifi card is just not getting turned on or something the drivers appear to be there the ID's are fine even the wiki says they should work but the light never shows up. the odd thing is i loaded up vista on there(barf) and it does work fine....and ubuntu 7.04 had the same problem that it wouldnt light up...im totally baffled here....


and yes i have gone through the tutorials and such 3 times now and changing en0 -> en1 etc......



pleeeease! anyone found a solution?

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