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No Boot after Updating 10.4.5 to 10.4.9

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Hi guys! Feels so warm in here...smile.giftomato.gif


Well, as the topic title says, I'm having problems when I update my Mac OSX from 10.4.5 (guess it's Myzar's distro) to 10.4.9 using the Intel Combo Update from Apple's Website.


I tell you my specs:


Dell Inspiron 6400

- Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz

- 1024 MB RAM

- Broadcom Ethernet 440x (I guess it's something like that... tongue.gif)

- Intel PRO/WIRELESS 3495 (No, it's not working at all... thumbsdown_anim.gif)

- Intel GMA 950


Well, that's what matters.


Now, my thing is that I've tested 2 choices: Install and Update, and Install and start from DVD and start update (I saw it on a site I can't remember).


Obviously I cannot update Tiger thru Software Update, just look at the download time and I faint out (if you think I'm gonna leave my laptop for 37 hours, connected to my 34 kbps bandwidth internet in my office... you're just nutsblink.gif). So, I've no choices...


Well, I'll watch out if I can download the 10.4.9 JaS distro, but looking at my bandwith... it may take years. (Uh, this 10.4.5 disc was given to me as junk...)


So, now, after installing update, it just doesn't boot Mac, and reboots computer from the beginning (I'm sick of that Dell logo tongue.gif)...


What do you think I'm doing wrong?

(Is it my face????blink.gif)


Thanks in advance. wink_anim.gif

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You CAN install the Apple 10.4.9 update, but you'll have to install a cracked 8.9.1 kernel (the kernel which ships with 10.4.9 is not Hackintosh compatible :)).. My advise would be to install the NetKas kernel.


I did a upgrade from 10.4.8 tot 10.4.9 this way.


But remember NOT to reboot before you installed the correct kernel.

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