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  1. How're you doing, guys. Long time no see. It's been about 2 years since I tried to get OS X in a PC, so efforts are back now. Well, my problem is this one. I have a Toshiba Satellite L45-SP2056 that has: Intel GMA945GM (8086:27A2) Atheros AR5007EG (168C:001C) Realtek RTL8139 (10EC:8139) MS Audio for ADI 1986 (11D4:1986) (don't know if this is the right one) Intel Celeron M 440 - 1.86 GHz By now the only install that has works with no problems at all is Kalyway 10.5.2, but I have no audio and no wifi. I'd been trying all this week to get them to work by crawling the forums, with no avail... so I resigned to be without audio and wifi. Now, when I tried to get iWork 09 to work, it requires me to have 10.5.6 or higher to work. There's where all my problems began: With Apple's Combo Update it just doesn't work. With Apple's Combo Update, applying the "rm -rf"+"Dontstealmac to dsmos" method (don't know how this is called, Netkas Method?) - blue screen after reboot. Recommended method of updating from 10.5.2 to 10.5.3 to 10.5.4 and so on, until 10.5.6 - blue screen after 10.5.3 update (Kalyway Combo Update, BTW). Installing iPC 10.5.6 after Kalyway's 10.5.2 - blue screen after reboot. Installing iPC 10.5.6 directly - blue screen after install. As you can see, I'm ending at the same point: blue screen after update. Now, Kalyway 10.5.2 works flawlessly in graphics: QE/CI Hardware support, no artifacts and native resolution (1280x800). So... what should I do to update OS X and not to die while trying? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys!: That's a very long time, more than 6 months that I didn't even check this place, and it have changed a lot, despite the showdown of Leopard (and that you're now on the move of installing it and "giving support"). Well, it makes me feel good, and I think that this goes for good... in some manner. Well, let's see the question, that's why I'm standing here. Ahem... A friend of mine purchased a bran new monster, 'cause it's a really powerful PC. We're talking about a Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz, 2 GB in RAM, 200 GB HDD, nForce Chipset and ATi GPU. (I say it's a monster because I've got a PIII 750, 320 MB in RAM and a TNT2 M64 GPU...) Now, let's get into deep details (I'm watching the box, so I'll tell you the most I can): - CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.44 GHz - GPU: ATi Radeon X1650 via PCI-E 16X - RAM: 2 GB, DDR2 667 MHz - MOBO: ECS GF7100PVT-M3 (integrates a nVidia GeForce 7100, but it's not being used) - Chipset: MCP73PV - Misc.: FireWire (IEEE 1394) PCI Card, ICT HDA Sound System (I saw that in Windows), DVD Writer, LG Flat Panel. Now, the drama: The installer doesn't boot. I tried with Tiger a 10.4.5 distro (I don't remember the compiler), 10.4.8 JaS' distro and 10.4.10 mac.nub's distro. None of them boots. The thing is it shows the Darwin Bootloader menu, but after that, begins to load the kernel and it reboots. I tried with -v, but shows no details, errors or panics (it should be frozen if it happens). I tried with -f and -s (don't know if those parameters exist, I thought they could mean "force" and "safe", or "flat" and "soccer"). Now, I looked the 10.4.10 mac.nub's Official Thread, and it says that runs on nForce chipsets. Well, not always all bases are covered... one of us is not covering them (but I'm not blaming, just saying). A thing that gets my attention is the BIOS it mentions in the Bootloader, and says something like "ATIOMIC BIOS". I wonder if it means something about this BIOS. Now, my questions is what's wrong with all this?, should I try Leopard (despite not having how to do it)? What should I do? Hope you can help me guys, 'cause this PC is getting my nerves. It's the nineteenth time I install a OS (Linux, Windows, Linux... Windows...) and I still have problems to make it work as required (we need it for Video Editing), and FireWire has been the problem in both systems (can't capture). I hope Mac solves this... or at least stick with Mac, because the owner of this PC had a Mac a year ago... but was stolen (and it's curious, 'cause thiefs didn't get the DV Cam aside it, that was much more expensive, just the Mac). Well, that makes it. Thank's for reding this, and hope this ends out good.
  3. [How To] Triple Boot Vista / Ubuntu / MAC OS X

    Well... Googling over ther I found that this guide posted before is placed also in another place. Check in http://digitalstuff07.blogspot.com/2007/05...le-booting.html Anyway, I'd rather rewrite it in here, because its redaction is not so good... Well, greetings to you!!
  4. HDD Problems during Install

    Ok, that's the deal. So, if I make this like Primary Partition, all should be going nice. Ok, I tell you if anything happens. Thanks!
  5. Audio Stuttering?

    Well, I've already solved my problems, with a Speedstep/Cool-n'-Quiet solution placed in The Genius Bar. It's recommended if you need to use the right FSB in your Hac. (I've seen written Hackintosh, but I don't like how it seems...) I kick you to this, and I hope both of you guys. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=51209 Have a nice Hac!!!! With values below 100, it just doesn't start. Just for telling.
  6. Intel SpeedStep/AMD Cool and Quiet support is here

    Man! This works completely!!! It also fixed my sound problem I had. T(h)anks a lot!!!!
  7. Audio Stuttering?

    I was wondering if lower values makes your computer Slower.
  8. Mount dmg with 10.4.9 on AMD / Intel

    I'm just amazed... it works. Thanks a lot.
  9. Audio Stuttering?

    Look, a thing I saw in a software called Everest (for Windows) is that my Core Duo (1.6 GHz) has an 166 MHz FSB. You might find your way looking that way... (Don't look the other way, it's the Subway!!!)
  10. Software Piracy

    I've seen the first and the seventh page only, but I get the point you've talking all these pages. I haven't seen too much, but I saw enough to say that you clearly know what's the impact of piracy in society. Well, in my case, I don't use too much pirate software, because I don't use too much software. In fact, I just have what I need, and some other software that I might use someday. I exchange some programs because some people asks it to me (like Photoshop), but not far than that. I mean, obviously, that I don't sell pirate software, just exchange it (or lend it). I hate the people who has the face to sell pirate, and even, opensource software. I've seen here some people that actually sells Ubuntu copies for 2 or 5 dollars (between CL$1000 and CL$2500). I think that kind of people should be in jail, because of daring to sell pirate software. The fact of exchange software (in some manner) obviously affects the industry (in my dreams), but it's not that ugly. Finally, the only thing I have licensed (I bought a license??) is a copy of StarCraft I gave to my brother in his birthday... that game rules, and that's the only reason why I bought it. I accept piracy for exchange, not for own profit (enterprise or natural person).
  11. HDD Problems during Install

    Well, once I had a problem when trying to format unformatted partitions (no filesystem), because Disk Utility didn't recognize them. About Disk Utility, I'm installing JaS 10.4.8 PPF1+PPF2 SSE3 distro (what a name... why they don't name them like linux distros, sort of "Ubuntu, Feisty Fawn" or something??), so that's supposed to have no drama about that. And... yup, I triple checked if I was formatting in HFS+ Journaled. I also tried with UNIX filesystem, HFS+ Upper/Lowercase, HFS+ No-Journaled... all options, but the same thing happened: nothing. Now, does it any influence if I'm trying to install Mac inside a Extended Partition. For some strange reason, I can't make more than ONE Primary Partition, so I had to break my head trying to do Extended Partitions in QTParted. Puff... anyway, I'm gonna test what you've told me and the I'll tell you. Greets!
  12. Audio Stuttering?

    Wait a second.... how did you test FSB? If you did it through kernel parameters BEFORE Darwin boots, so you have to keep trying (maybe 133 is your speed... or maybe is 166, but someyhing else is missing). Now, if you did it modifying Boot.plist... whoa, try to edit it to get it back.
  13. Audio Stuttering?

    Ok. I will tell you what I did. Before try this thing of FSB, I had the idea of installing the Paulicat's Sleep Fixing. This fixed the sound stuff, and everything goes fine. BUT (the big BUT), now I can't mount DMGs. Anyway, this worked for knowing which FSB I've to append in Boot.plist: my FSB is 133. Now... let's fix my DMG problem. (I've got a Fireworks 8 trial to install... ) Any idea?
  14. HDD Problems during Install

    Hi guys. I'm trying to install Mac in a Packard Bell EasyNote MX456, but I have some problems in here: Specs: ATA ST980811A Rev 3.ALA Now, my drama is that inside Disk Utility, when I try to format the partition to install, it doesn't format, just "Prepares.." and then "Mounts...", but no formatting at all. And when I check if it was formatted, it says the previous filesystem it had. (In my case, before says "MS-DOS Filesystem (FAT32)", and after says the same... resume: no changes). So, I cannot install Mac. Any idea? EDIT: I had some problems with booting Kubuntu installation. I had to pass "noapic nolapic" options to installer, and in GRUB for starting system. Now, I really don't know what does this mean, but I think it's significant to figure out what kind of problem we've got in here.
  15. Audio Stuttering?

    I saw somewhere here that changing some settings on MIDI or something, this should be going right. Anyway, I can't access that thing, so I cannot do anything. (Entering to System Settings > Sound and in Output nothing about this kind of setting appears.) Also, someone said something about changing Sample Rate (from 44.1 to 48 kHz), but I don't know where to change this. Also I saw somthing about chaging channels (5.1 to 2 channels) but don't know anything. I'd been looking for something like the problem I got, but I see solutions for another audio controllers/manufacturers.