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HELP! My iLife 06 Suite Crashes as well as VLC


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Hi guys,


I did some searching on the forum and the wiki and I am still unsure how to get this to work. I have the follow specs for an AMD64 Machine :-


DVD used - [MAC OS X] Mac OSX x86 10.4.3 build 8f1111 patched with Wesley's Patch


Motherboard - Gigabyte K8N Pro Socket 754

CPU - AMD Athlon64 3200 (FAST performance - assuming I am running SSE2)

RAM - 1 Gigabyte

Video - ATI Radeon 9800XT (Only have 1024x768)

Sound - Onboard AC'97 Realtek (Works great)

HD - 40GB Maxtor IDE (SATA not working)

DVD Burner - LG Dual Layer 16 +/- (haven't tried to burn a DVD yet)


OS X version - 10.4.3

Kernel version - unknown

Darwin version - 8.3.1



I loaded and patched iLife 06 off the update site. When I try to run iMovie HD, the error says I can't install to the volume (my IDE HD) because I don't have the new version of Quicktime. When I go to install quicktime 7.5.1 (the one below current release) Quicktime crashes. I tried running iMovie after the successful install of the Quicktime, and it crashes all the time. It did mention in iMovie that I had the incorrect video card.


My MAC Office 03 works great no errors. Safari works great. Restart in apple does not work. Shutdown is fast (less than 8seconds). Boot up is fast as well (25 seconds).


Do I need to get a new DVD image and install or do I need to patch? I tried doing an update to 10.4.9 with the PPC patch and Intel patch but it wouldnt install and run on my HD it says.




Thanks for all your guys suggestions in advance.

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I would try re-installing a more up to date version if possible first.


The entire iLife suite works perfectly on my AMD system so my guess its the older system.

Additionally all the new patches/fixes are based on 10.4.8/10.4.9 anyways, so might save you other troubles too.

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Another thing is to check out if Quartz Extreme and/or Core Image is working.


To verify this:

- Choose from the Apple-menu the option 'About This Mac'

- Press the 'More Info...' button

- The System Profiler will now launch

- Choose the 'Graphics / Display' option in the left-hand-sided menu of the Profiler

- A screen like the attached screendump will appear




Since all Intel equipped computers shipped by Apple do support Quarz Extreme, many application presume that your machine support Quartz Extreme when it's Intel.

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Hi there, I will check that tip in second.

I have been pm'ing with another user and we determined I was using the old 10.4.3 beta which has next to nothing for framework and hardware support.


I have now loaded 10.4.8 and I finally got my video working post install as I had put in drivers off the Jas DVD which were buggering up my 9800XT card


1024x 768 is good for now.


I am having troubles getting my ethernet card built in and pci to work. So we shall see what I can do to rectify it.

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