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Inquiry about Macbook's Reliability

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I was thinking into purchasing a brand new black Macbook but after seeing countless of, let's say, very well-documented technical problems related to it, I am now in doubt.


I know that shall I experience such things, I just need to send it back to Apple Service Centre to be fixed. But from what I've read, this could take many days, leaving me without a notebook. I don't think I can afford that.


It should be noted that my current laptop is a Tecra M2V (1.5GHz+512MB) and my previous one is a Tecra 8200. Both get the jobs done without visiting a service centre. Not even once in these 4 years.


I want to switch to OS X & a Macbook because I have this impression that I can be more productive/ efficient using it, allowing to tackle bigger projects (my job is creative design). But if I somehow unlucky and experience such technical problems, that would be exactly the opposite of what I hope for, wouldn't it?


What are the odds of one buying a Macbook, get a problem, "forced" to send his/ hers to repair centre, and then left without a notebook for several days? Is it still very likely nowadays?


Can you guys provide some insights? I would appreciate it, especially if someone can tell me the odds of one having, uhh ... screw-ups:D


Thank you for your time.

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Well I don't own one, but I know for one that many of the Heat issues were sorted out in the core 2 refresh, with ppl saying that it runs much cooler etc. Having looked at them, I think they are very well made machines, they certainly look robust and tough enough. After lenovo, apple actually has the lowest failure/dissatifaction index with customers, and their service is very nice.


All this and the new macbook refresh certianly makes it an attractive buy right now, and considering you want to switch, i say go for it!

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Here is an interesting article I found last night:


Pc Magazine's 19th annual customer satisfaction survey.


And guess who won? :(


Look no further than Apple, the leader of the pack, whose overall score holds steady at 9.1. Last year, Apple's score on units needing repair was an impressive 11 percent—well below that of any other company in the survey. But according to readers, the company has managed to cut repair rates even further over the past 12 months. This year, Apple's score on units needing repair drops to 8 percent. Among first-year systems, it's only 5 percent. That's nothing less than astonishing.


As we've said in the past, Mac owners are unusually passionate about their machines, and this may have had an effect on the company's unusually high Service and Reliability scores. But the score for percentage needing repair is less subjective than others. Either Apple is doing something right when it comes to quality control, or its restrictive warranty makes people less likely to have their systems repaired.


Just how satisfied are Mac owners? That 9.1 overall score is significantly better than the average for Windows PCs. And the same can be said of the company's scores for reliability and the likelihood of recommending. It should be noted, however, that Apple's score on technical support is down this year (from 8.4 to 8.1).


Is that a reflection of Apple's standard warranty, which allows only 90 days of telephone support for software issues? Probably not. Readers say that, among first-year Apple systems, 88 percent of tech support issues are covered by warranty (either Apple's or a third party's)—the highest rate among leading vendors.

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