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  1. DMC3

    Excuse me for bringing this old topic up, but after searching for DMC3 wrapper I can only find this: http://download548.mediafire.com/aty9yyd1l...ay+Cry+3old.zip I'm not very informed on how to make a cider port, but it seems that I need to put some files inside the above app's package contents (there's an empty folder named "DMC3" inside the app). Beside the downloaded app from link above, I only have the game disc (mdf/ iso). Am I supposed to install the game on a windows machine first and then copy the installed directory into the app?
  2. no sound asus P5K / EPU

    Wait. Apparently, although there's nothing on the system profiler, the sound actually come out from the headphones. I haven't checked if the sound is 5.1 or just stereo, but I guess it's enough for now. Thanks for all the help! P.S: tiki16, mine works for system sound & everything else (playing movie, itunes, everything).
  3. no sound asus P5K / EPU

    Tiki16, I'm afraid I hit the same wall with the KextHelper + ALCinject.kext & AppleHDA.kext. The outcome is the same as running Azalia_out.pkg & ALC883Audio.mpkg, which translate to nothing on the system profiler.
  4. no sound asus P5K / EPU

    Kiotu, I made my Hackintosh by installing Kalyway 10.5.1, and it was a bumpy installation. I spent hours tweaking the options to make it work, and the one time that finally work is coincidently when I didn't check the sound driver. From there I've been working on the "upgrades" manually: VGA (succeeded), 10.5.2 (succeeded), 9.2 Kernel (succeeded). For the sound department, I tried the running these following files to various effects: - Azalia_out.pkg: no effect (nothing in the system profiler) - ALC883Audio.mpkg: no effect - Taruga_AD1988b_rev4_Installer: Device ID & Audio ID shows up in the system profiler, but no available devices. I tried to plug in some headphones to any available holes, but it won't show up. So I guess my story is not as good as yours, unfortunately I haven't tried the ALC883-3LineOuts.zip, mainly because I don't know how to install these - also afraid that it will broke the installation. My current Hackintosh doesn't always successfully shutdown everytime, so I'm kind of worry here... P.S. This is just my guess, but maybe the error has something to do with me running those files back and forth (with restarting in between), so maybe it messed up the "kext" or something (I'm not realy literate on this matter). However I don't know how to "clean" those mess.
  5. [How To] Solutions for Audio Problems

    I have exactly the same problem, too. Different board, though (P5K/EPU here). Any ideas, please? EDIT: It finally works. Here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=120969
  6. no sound asus P5K / EPU

    I have the same board as yours, and got the same issue. I tried the patch from wiki.taruga.net (it's currently down, unfortunately) named "Taruga_AD1988b_rev4_Installer" and the system profiler now showing Device ID & Audio ID under Audio, but won't show any Available Devices. I tried to plug in Headphones/ speakers but it went undetected. In other words, no such luck for us ... yet. Related to your DVD drive - I have two DVD drive: one is SATA, the other is IDE. The latter doesn't work in my case.
  7. Asus P5K/EPU install Leo4All V3 99% WORK!

    I have the same board as you, but I'm afraid my story is a different one. I used Kalyway 10.5.1. Is there any particular BIOS to tweak? Or just use the BIOS setting (no AHCI)? I did managed to create a successful installation, but for some strange reasons, I'm unable to replicate the process eventhough I made sure that all the variables are the same (MBR/ GUID, which driver to checked, etc). Almost everything ends up with "Installation Failed". Or, if choosing MBR, a successful install but the system will vanish misteriously with the second reboot; in other words: I need to re-install. Got any advice?
  8. Ah, thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately my MBR installation didn't work as I previously thought. However it is nice to know that I'm not limited to GUID, if I have to choose.
  9. Wait. I take back what I said. The MBR partition scheme seemed to have been a succesful install, but alas, it is not. If I leave OSX (restart/ shutdown), I won't be able to boot again into OSX. In other words, time to reinstall. So I guess I have to make the GUID partition scheme work again in one way or the other. Ouch.
  10. Hi everyone :pirate2: I have a situation regarding the question, and I'm looking for advice. After some bumpy installation, I managed to create my first Hackintosh. I use ASUS P5K/EPU & ASUS 7300GT & Kalyway 10.5.1. Now here are some breakdown of what I did during the many reps of installation: 1. Checked the vanilla kernel, one of the VGA driver, one of the sound driver, the network, and EFI GUID. "Installation Failed". 2. Partition the HD as MBR. Checked as in point #1, but now EFI MBR. "Installation Succeed". Restart, but the Welcome Video never came out (I've got eternal spinning beachball). So I did a hard restart (shutting the machine down by holding the power button). 3. The same as point 2, but now I remove the DVD right after the installation. The Welcom Video never came out, but no spinning beachball this time. Just a black cursor, and that's it. Another hard restart. 4. Partition the HD as GUID. Checked only the vanilla kernel & EFI GUID. "Installation Succeed". Restart. Left the DVD in. The spinning beachball came out. I thought, oh, another failure, so I removed the DVD. To my surprise, this time it worked! After playing around with it, I upgraded it to 10.5.2 by using the Netkas method. It didn't work. So I have to re-install the whole thing. Remembering that the point#4 was a success, I tried to duplicate the process. It failed. What seems to work now, is point #2. Seems to work everytime. In other words, I'm forced to use MBR partition. Now since Apple used GUID & the description says MBR is for Windows/ FAT32, I'm under impression that MBR is the inferior choice, hence my question. But I don't know that, do I? So... is there any disadvantage in using the MBR partition scheme? Anything that limiting OSX feature? Thank you for your time. P.S. The only difference between the first round of installations & the second one is that I changed my DVD drive - the first DVD drive broke while I was playing with OSX. The second one seems to work fine under OSX. Not sure if this counts.
  11. Hello, I was thinking into purchasing a brand new black Macbook but after seeing countless of, let's say, very well-documented technical problems related to it, I am now in doubt. I know that shall I experience such things, I just need to send it back to Apple Service Centre to be fixed. But from what I've read, this could take many days, leaving me without a notebook. I don't think I can afford that. It should be noted that my current laptop is a Tecra M2V (1.5GHz+512MB) and my previous one is a Tecra 8200. Both get the jobs done without visiting a service centre. Not even once in these 4 years. I want to switch to OS X & a Macbook because I have this impression that I can be more productive/ efficient using it, allowing to tackle bigger projects (my job is creative design). But if I somehow unlucky and experience such technical problems, that would be exactly the opposite of what I hope for, wouldn't it? What are the odds of one buying a Macbook, get a problem, "forced" to send his/ hers to repair centre, and then left without a notebook for several days? Is it still very likely nowadays? Can you guys provide some insights? I would appreciate it, especially if someone can tell me the odds of one having, uhh ... screw-ups:D Thank you for your time.