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Realtek 8180 wireless not working, anyone else got this working

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so working on getting my friends hackintosh workin, he's got a "trendnet" 802.11b/g card, cant remember the trendnet model #, but its Vendor#10EC and Device#8180... so this is obviously based on the realtek 8180 chipset, which realtek actually has drivers for 10.4.x, in beta form @ http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downlo...;Downloads=true

this installs, and doesnt work... any ideas? anyone use this chipset?

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TTT... should the kext file be replacing anything? on their website it says its for 10.4.x... any ideas guys? btw, im SURE that the device/Vendor ID are correct in the kext

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:P oops, guess i didnt even realize that, their stupid installer script installed w/o a problem, guess i figured there would be a flag that wouldnt let it install on a X86, lol, and im sure 99% sure that rosetta is really only a runtime for the application software, and have no lowwer level support that would be needed to have a kext file load, correct?

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