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Processor and Bus Speed


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Hey everyone...


I'm a fairly new newb to a HackinMac.

I have an Intel C2D E6400 with 2 gigs of DDr 400 Ram

In my system profiler it shows the Ram at 0MHz, Processor speed at 2.05GHz(should be 2.13GHZ) and Bus speed at 1.07GHz

I'm using Logic Pro 7.2.3 with a Uad-1 card etc. Playing back a modest tune with 3 stereo audio tracks, BFD and a few plugs. I get playback of both cores floating around 48%.... A similar tune in my G4 single core 1.25 runs about the same maybe upto 60%.

I'm suspecting there is a slight adjustment needed for my CPU's or FSB etc. This system currently isn't overclocked.

Can I ask what I should be changing? as I find the performance slightly off.

Thanks for anything

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