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  1. Office SP1 Update?

    essentially reinstalled with a newer serial and away it went. Up to SP1 running now. Thanks for the PM
  2. Office SP1 Update?

    Hey everyone, I have Office 2008 12.0 installed on my Mac Pro, I would like to update to SP1 but when I run the installer it says it cannot find a previous version on my Leo install? Yes I have the non-paid for version. Thanks for anything. later
  3. Leo and Logic 8 careful

    Ya I redid the Leopard install and migrated everything but my user folders. So Logic opens now. So far PSP, Sonalksis, IK Multimedia, Spectrasonic's RMX, NI, reFX, Wave Arts, Arts Acoustic Reverb, EzDrummer, XLN, BFD all working. Some needed reauthorized, but work great. Dimension Pro doesn't pass verification! And Synthogy Ivory, 1.63 with updated library installer passes AU Manager but crashes Logic, Rax in even standalone! Later Brian
  4. Leo and Logic 8 careful

    Hey everyone. I have now installed the final Leo build on a separate Hard drive in my Mac Pro. It runs great. I did an install custom with out all the stuff. After installation, it asked to install remote desktop, I said no. software update, nothing. Repaired permissions. Rebooted, feels reallt good. That's the install proceedure I've done on the 2 other Leo builds I used. Then I do a migration from my Tiger install to the new Leo drive. Did that, repaired permissions, rebooted everything seems fine. All my software works, iTunes, iWork, iLife, yada yada. All but Logic 8. I knew it would do a scan of my audio units. I did that, took a while and didn't like Dimension Pro, fine I started Au manager and disabled it. Checked for anything else, (figured Waves would give me trouble, but didn't) so away I go. Crash, I get the Ignore, Reopen dialog. Pulled out Logic's preferences. Crash. So I can't get Logic 8 to boot at this point doing a migration. FYI I was able to run Leo 9A559 and Logic 8, but the Waves iLok authorizer needed to be rerun, I didn't want to do that till the final build So as I really wanted to do, I'll do another fresh reinstall of Leo and reinstall everything fresh and see how that goes. But I wonder how the legit Waves iLok authorization will go. So please, even if you're excited, DO NOT just do an update from Tiger to Leo if you're running Logic 8, as you'll be out. Thank god I can just boot into Tiget from the other drive. Will update if the fresh install helps. Later
  5. Kalyway Install

    Use Firefox instead of Safari for secure websites
  6. Sorry, I wasn't trying to get you to do that, I just wanted to get Leo running. I have the DMG copied to a DL DVD but when I restarted it just kept booting into Tiger. She's running nice over here, hope you can get it running soon. Later
  7. Guess Leo's Final Build (Oct)

    Ya I know a waste of time, but does make you wonder. I was thinking it may go above 600 for sure, as I type from 527 they've sure tweaked a lot of stuff. Assuming they keep the Oct date, they'd want to be pressing DVD's say in the next 2-3 weeks minimum, correct? Ya I'm thinking Hmm, oh oh, wait ya 10.5.1 Ya I'll go wit that... Later
  8. Hmm, I ended up just partitioning my Leo drive and copying the DMG to the smaller partition. Running from 527 now
  9. Mine too, I burned the 9a499 no problems. 9a527 didn't on my Sony DL burner
  10. So I thought, hmmm wonder what the build will be for the final DVD released in Oct? The one we will all pay for! I think Insanely Mac could offer one lucky guess'er a DVD for playing along. Any takers? Or Guess' ers? Hmm I'll put some thought to it before I commit a guess but your guess should follow the complete version Like e.g. Leopard Build 10.5.9A527 Let's just worry about the Client version #. Does this sound alright? Let's enjoy Brian
  11. What do I copy over after a fresh install so that I can have all the stuff I had in Tiger working in leopard. A few of my apps I'll install fresh, but is there anything that'll save time? Thanks
  12. a little birdie says....

    Ha Ha, Love the Blue screen there........ Later
  13. Logic Pro 7.2 crack released!

    Considering that Logic would be useless without one, apple from what I hear doesn't help when it is broke. Mine stays in the back of my Mac Pro, away from little fingers, me and damage.
  14. Leopard Bang or Bust?

    It'd be fine with me if we end up with a few GUi changes that can be ran in Tiger mode for all the whiners, (even though I like it) and have access to lotsa ram, 64 bit all over and everything just works faster. I recall using XP Pro x64 how much snappier everything was until I added some none x64 apps. Let's hope there's a few updates for apps that helps the transition happen. I'm sure there's not one of us that won't be running Leo after Christmas! Later
  15. Got my 3 GHz 8-core Mac Pro

    I love mine, the 2.66 model. Logic Pro has a big song playing back that used to stall my G4, crash my hack n mac. 15% CPU with only a gig or ram. 4 gigs on the way. Need to grab a 3rd HD drive as well I love this thing. B) B)