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Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 qe/ci fully supported


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My friend's Desktop computer has an Nvidia Geforce fx 5200 (128M,AGP,id=0322,10de),512M Memory,i865pe.

We installed Jas 10.4.8,with titan selected.

Then start Mac OS X use -x mode

edit this in /System/Library/Extensions/titan.kext/Contents/Info.plist









and delete /System/Library/Extensions/AGPGart.kext

because it show nothing on the screen if we don't delete AGPGart


then we got qe/ci fully supported.

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Call me dumb, but how do I open a .kext file? I've booted with -x with means safe mode here.


Edit: I edited the file, but can't save it because it says its readonly (can't overwrite it)


Open the file in terminal, after entering "sudo su" to become superuser


It's like editing as root in linux. You can edit/delete pretty much anything, which is why it's disabled by default and you should type "exit" in terminal when done.




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Will this work with a PCI NVIDIA GeForce FX5200 256mb card?


Also, so i dont mess up, I install with titan selected, boot with parameter -x ?


So, will this fix the dragging windows problem I had? My windows before dragged, and would not move, but stay in one spot, and the shadow would drag, and leave it with my background all messed up where I dragged? And to make the window back to normal, i minimize and restore the window. Will it fix that? (Sorry if you don't understand.)


Please respond quickly! THANKS SOOOO MUCH!

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