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  1. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    This does not work, instant wake up after sleep, and then USB port stops working. wake reason: EHC1 EHC2.
  2. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    I found this 15/6/28 上午10:39:12.000 kernel[0]: Wake reason: EHC2 Can you help me fix the dsdt file? I did not know how to fix dsdt. Thanks. Here is the DSDT file. DSDT.aml.zip
  3. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    This worked! I added HUBN, UsbConnector=0, port=01000000 in both EHC1/EHC2 device. The first boot into 10.11, all usb ports did not work. But after rebuild kernel caches with KextUtility and reboot, the system recognize all usb ports (3 usb port, cam, bluetooth). (The structure in IORegistryExplorer is not the same as in Yosemite) Many thanks! Here are the IORegistry data. ElCapitan_IORegistry.zip BTW:sleep does not work, after click to sleep, the system will go to sleep and then wakeup, after this all USB does not work again. Any suggestions?
  4. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    I also removed the port restriction in the info.plist ( IOProviderMergeProperties is empty) Here is the ioreg file from yosemite and elcapitan. please help. IORegistry.zip
  5. [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    This is an exciting work! but I tried both method, does not work. I can not see whether there is anything wrong with the DSDT. In El Capitan, only Please help. DSDT.aml.zip
  6. Hi there, I recently installed the Yosemite GM. I found that the mouse sometimes lost frames. When you are moving the cursor, the cursor will stop for like 0.5second and then start moving again. When you double click file or folder, it's like just one click, nothing opens(double click should open file or folder), seems it lost the second click. This happens with about 10seconds period, really anoying. Some people say it might be caused by improperly framebuffer patch of Graphics card. Well my pc has ATI 4330, which is working fine in 10.8 and 10.9 with patched framebuffer. With beta version of Yosemite and some DP version, this losing frame effect also appears. I remember that in beta Yosemite, if I use the DP4 version of ATI*.kext, the mouse is working fine. But in GM, I also tried to use the DP4 ATI*.kext, but still the mouse lost frame. Any suggestions? PC spec: Dell INspriong 1464 i5-430m ATI Radeon 4330(512M) ALC269 sound Framebuffer patch in AMD4600 (working in 10.8 and 10.9, for yosemite DP4 it works fine, but for GM the mouse lost frame): original: 02 00 00 00 40 00 00 00 09 01 00 00 02 01 00 03 02 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 09 01 00 00 20 01 02 02 00 04 00 00 04 03 00 00 00 01 00 00 10 00 01 01 patch: 10 00 00 00 10 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 10 02 06 00 08 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 71 00 00 20 01 01 02 02 00 00 00 40 00 00 00 09 01 00 00 12 04 00 01
  7. I had already updated the latest Chameleon r2041 from r2033 yesterday and still not working This is very strange.
  8. I thought this is used for when booting into -s mode. Anyway, I will try this, first boot into single mode, delete the sleepimage and reboot, and then try deep hibernate.
  9. My Laptop is dell inspiron 1464 with 10.8GM. With hibernatemode = 1 ( write memory to /var/vm/sleepimage then shutdown ), when trying to resume(press power button), chameleon log gives an error Reading image file /var/....../ blah blah blah, 512 bytes.. blah blah... Header read size 200 Incorrect Image Signature and then goes to normal boot. With hibernatemode = 0 (keeps memory active while shutdown LED and harddisk), and wakeup is perfect. In org.chameleon.Boot.plist there is darkwake=0 USBBusFix = Yes smbios is set as MBP61 2 USB highspeed recognized as extended(EHCI?)。 chameleon version: r2033 In Windows 7 i can confirm that the power management S3 mode is supported while S1/S2 not, and the hibernate works with Win7. But in BIOS settings there is no option for this. Why it does not work on 10.8? In 10.6 the deep hibernation works fine on my laptop. I do not know if the info is enough, please let me know if more info is needed. CPU i5-430m, speedstep works with ssdt, audio alc269 working with patched applehda, ati 4330m works with modified ati4600controller.kext In the attach there is my DSDT file. DSDT.aml.zip
  10. Realtek HD ALC269

    Try this link. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=277451
  11. I used the 10.6.2 AppleHDA.kext. and no need to patch the binary code. You just need to edit 3 Info.plist files: AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext : the config data and the codec id AppleHDAPlatformDriver.kext : the pathmaps, the layout and the layout id. AppleHDAController.kext : the corresponding layout id ( maybe not necessary). the config data on K580P is Node 0x12 10 01 A0 90 Int Mic Node 0x14 40 01 13 90 Int SPK Node 0x18 20 00 81 01 Ext Mic Node 0x21 50 10 21 01 HP out and you can see mine is the same, only with different NodeID. (I have attached my working kext) Maybe you should try this config data. And MuteGPIO is required.
  12. Finally got it working on my Inspiron 1464!!! Headphone, Internal Speaker, Internal Mic, External Mic all working with auto switch. If you know Chinese, you can check it on [Dell Inspiron 1464/1564] http://bbs.pcbeta.co...004837-1-1.html [K580P] http://bbs.pcbeta.co...003562-1-1.html [Lenovo Y450] http://bbs.pcbeta.co...005061-1-1.html Keywords: Set IntMic as LineIn. Update April 4, 2012: Must Set ExtMic as LineIn. Use 10.6.2 or 10.7 AppleHDA.kext. my config data: 0x14 IntSpeaker 0x15 Headphone 0x18 ExtMic Set as LineIn 0x19 IntMic 01471C40 01471D01 01471E13 01471F90 01571C50 01571D10 01571E21 01571F01 01871C'2'0 01871D00 01871E'8'1 01871F01 -&--#62; Here this '2' and '8' means Line In 01971C10 01971D01 01971EA0 01971F90 01470C02 Set correct MuteGPIO according your codec_dump in Layouts and PathmapRef . ExtMic MuteGPIO=1342242840 =0x50010018 = 0x50 + 0100 + NodeID IntMic MuteGPIP=1342242841 =0x50010019 = 0x50 + 0100 + NodeID Set correct pathmaps. Add correct CodecAddressFilterArray in AppleHDAController.kext. Update April 4, 2012: This might not be necessary. Here's the HDEF section in DSDT.aml Device (HDEF) { Name (_ADR, 0x001B0000) Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package (0x0A) { "codec-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x69, 0x02, 0xEC, 0x10 }, "layout-id", Buffer (0x04) { 0x0D, 0x01, 0x00, 0x00 }, "device-type", Buffer (0x0F) { "Realtek ALC269" }, "hda-gfx", Buffer (0x0A) { "onboard-1" }, "PinConfigurations", Buffer (Zero) {} }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } OperationRegion (HDAR, PCI_Config, 0x4C, 0x10) Field (HDAR, WordAcc, NoLock, Preserve) { DCKA, 1, Offset (0x01), DCKM, 1, , 6, DCKS, 1, Offset (0x08), , 15, PMES, 1 } } Sound assertion error during boot could be removed by seaching those contents in the binary file under /MacOS/ and replace it with 00000. but this only remove the error output, the error is still there. Some people says that some real mac computer also get these sound assertion errors. Well we have to say there must be bugs in the original Apple code. AppleHDA.allworking.kext.zip
  13. I do not know what happened, there are three same topics, but i only posted one. you should check the newest one. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=277451
  14. Could anyone please help with editing DSDT to detect fan speed? Fan speed not detected by SMC monitor, HWMonitor, iStat Menus, iStat Pro. The super I/O seems to be it8502e by RW everything. my Laptop is dell inspiron 1464. chipset HM55 CPU:i5-430m (c-state p-state enabled) ATI 4330 512MB (QE/CI enabled) Lion 10.7.2 Chameleon v2.1svn r1618 FakeSMC v4 rev530 Tried add Device (SMCD) and Method (FAN0, and add ACPISensor.kext or ITEIT87x.kext to /S/L/E, but still not working. Here is the code I used before the Device (EC0): Device (SMCD) { Name (_HID, "MONITOR") Method (FAN0, 0, NotSerialized) { Store (^^EC0.FANH, Local0) Store (^^EC0.FANL, Local1) And (Local0, 0xFFFF, Local0) And (Local1, 0xFFFF, Local1) If (LNotEqual (Local0, Zero)) { If (LEqual (Local0, 0xFFFF)) { Store (Zero, Local0) } Else { Store (0x0100, Local2) Multiply (Local0, Local2, Local3) Add (Local1, Local3, Local4) Divide (0x03938700, Local4, Local5, Local6) Store (Local6, Local0) } } Else { Store (Zero, Local0) } Return (Local0) } } Here FANH and FANL are the high bits and low bits of fan speed that I can confirm in Win7 using everest, for example, FANH=0x0C, FANL=0x85, then fan speed=0x0C85 = 3205 rpm. but I couldn't understand why Divide (0x03938700, Local4, Local5, Local6). so i changed it to below, seems correct and compile passed, but still not detecting fan speed. Device (SMCD) { Name (_HID, "MONITOR") Method (FAN0, 0, NotSerialized) { Store (^^EC0.FANH, Local0) Store (^^EC0.FANL, Local1) And (Local0, 0xFFFF, Local0) And (Local1, 0xFFFF, Local1) If (LNotEqual (Local0, Zero)) { If (LEqual (Local0, 0xFFFF)) { Store (Zero, Local0) } Else { Store (0x0100, Local2) Multiply (Local0, Local2, Local3) Add (Local1, Local3, Local4) Store (Local4, Local0) } } Else { Store (Zero, Local0) } Return (Local0) } }